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I love dainty Shelley China cups and saucers! There is nothing like a tea party using Shelley China.

Wileman Foley (Shelley) Daisy shape Snowdrop pattern 9177 trio in red .

Their story of how they came to be is quite intriguing...

"The Shelley story begins about 1860 when the Wileman family, owners of the Foley works, a large pottery between Longton and Fenton in Staffordshire, England, built a second pottery for the purpose of producing fine china.  Two years later Joseph B. Shelley, left his position at the Dresden works and joined Henry Wileman and his sons as a mere traveler or salesperson.  In 1864, Henry Wileman died and his two sons Charles and James split the two works with James running the earthenware works and Charles the china works.  In 1870 Charles retired, and James took over both enterprises.  He made Joseph Shelley his partner and the firm became known as Wileman & Company.  Eventually James returned to running the earthenware works, and Joseph Shelley took charge of the china production..."

READ MORE from the Shelley China Club

Alexandria tea set

Why collect Shelley China?

  • They are the best of the English potteries that produced bone china.

    "Shelley China is the finest expression of the Potter's Art. Its pure white translucent glaze, and lovely colourings make it pre-eminent amongst the productions of the World's greatest Pottery centre, The Staffordshire Potteries."

    -- Percy Norman Shelley

  • They are all beautiful works of art, yet they are meant to be used and enjoyed.
  • They had the best and most thorough quality control so that the china patterns matched and pieces would be extraordinarily durable.
  • The original pattern books, which tied pattern numbers to the artwork from which all Shelley and Wileman pieces were decorated, still exist and may be available to facilitate research.
  • There are three large worldwide Shelley clubs with experts and helpful people to assist with identification and location of almost any pattern or piece.
  • There are many sources of information including books, magazines and newsletters to further your research and understanding.  See our Resource section for more.
  • Shelley is no longer being produced; the supply is fixed and even dwindling as pieces are lost or broken.

From Shelley China Club

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This is the one, I used a half a box of denture tablets.  That was a tough stain.  It still has a faint discoloring but it looks a million times better.  I'll just keep it in my collection, it's the only Shelley cup that I have.    

Dana's advice to use peroxide, is a good one. I also use (wait for it) Denture cleaning tablets, not for my dentures as I don't yet need any (lol) but they are particularly good for removing stains. Even water marks on glass. If you fill a bowl, larger than the piece which is stained, with very hot (not boiling) water, then place your pottery item into the water and add 3 or more Denture cleaning tablets and leave overnight. Rinse the piece the next day and you may be surprised at what has been removed. You may need to repeat the process once more or twice.  Denture cleaning tablets are also less harsh than say peroxide... They are also particularly good for removing stains and/or odours from vacuum flasks too...    

Good advice! Thanks!!!

Hello, Use professional strength peroxide from a beauty supply store. I have used it to get brown stains out of crazing and it has always worked. Let it sit for a day or so, I am always amazed at how well it works. I use Salon Care Professional 40 volume clear developer from the Sally's Beauty Supply chain. Good luck.

Thanks Dana, sorry for the late reply, I'm just getting back to this link. 

There's a Shelley Group in the UK with a great website! It says...the leading club for Shelley and Wileman Collectors. Also, this info is at the top of the page..."Chinaware production began at the Foley China works (Trading as Wileman and Company) in 1872 and continued under that name until 1910 when it became Shelly China. Shelly China continued in production until it was taken over by Allied english Potteries in 1966."

Dainty Muffin Set
5875 - Sep 1896

Shelley China "round up" on Pinterest!

This would make a lovely Christmas cup and saucer! Shelley China England

A reference book: Shelley Chintz Unlocking the Secrets of the Pattern Books

A helpful resource in the rich world of Shelley China!

Today, I am showing off my Pre-Shelley tea cup and saucer - Wileman 1894-1910 that my sweet aunt presented to me at Christmas. She purchased it in England in the 1960's and it was a one of her prize collections.

So far, I do not know what the color and pattern are...so if anyone recognizes it, that would be wonderful! Just know the dating because of the back stamp.


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