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Hi all, happy new year, we hope. I have an old client looking to sell some furniture after downsizing(everyone's doing it!). My folk's sold this one to him which he said was pre-Revolutionary-an almost queen sized 4 poster with integrated drawers underneath(never saw that before). 

The hardware is marked "Bennett's Patent' which I found bupkus about online. Anyone more expert than me on American since we're mainly French importers. It is a spectacle. Thanks!

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Hiya Charm, and a (hopefully) Happy New Year to you as well! Is it bumpkis or bupkis or something else?  LOL, that's already bogging me down, :)

In any case, I think you may not be finding Bennetts under USA, because it looks like they were a Brit company. Could be wrong of course, but see what you think.....

Here's a link:


Linkie no workie but and I never got to see this one in person back in the day-he bought this in 1981-but he said it was 1740-50s. I need an Amricana pro like Israel Sack or Val Jacobsen but I think they're both gone now.

Strange bed you have. Looks like certain features have been married to it. Let's start with the gruesome looking feet with toenails. The carved leaves look like palms, whereas leaves elsewhere are acanthus.   The under-bed drawers look newer. They look like a white wood (gum?) stained to match.  The drawer pulls look newer.  The frame of the bed has wooden pegs. They appear to be original, 18th Century. I would guess the pegs held rope in a crisscross pattern on which the bedding was placed. Box springs and mattresses weren't invented yet...but when they were, slats were added above the drawers.

Ouch! If one sat on the edge of the bed would his/her bottom sit on those wooden pegs?


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