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At 10:03am on September 21, 2019, Duke said…

Typing error there :/

At 8:13pm on November 28, 2017, Mark D Swartz said…

Here is my first Orrefors glass item; the Lagerbielke bowl.

At 8:12pm on November 28, 2017, Mark D Swartz said…

fyi my Orrefors collection began when the Acura dealer I was working at had a choice of a free gift from Acura for us winning Precision Team Status. This Orrefors bowl by Erika Lagerbielke was one of the many gifts which our employees could chose from.  I likely was the only employee to choose this one and I soon after began to collect Orrefors items from many local thrift stores and also found some on eBay.  This is an Orrefors sculpture celebrating the island of Gotland and shows some prehistoric scenes.  I believe that I'd posted photos here on this antiques website; I don't now remember where I bought this and it's in new condition.  It's about 5 1/2" high and properly signed/engraved on the base.  This was based on a real prehistoric rock found in Gotland and here it is.

At 7:49pm on November 28, 2017, Mark D Swartz said…

You can e-mail Orrefors with photos of your perfume bottle and/or search the Internet which has a dating code for the serial number shown on your vase.  I e-mailed them years ago and in 2 days they let me know who had made my unmarked candleholder = Sven Palmquist in 1954.  I'd found this in an antiques shop in Manassas VA years ago and it instantly spoke to me letting me know that it was made by Orrefors and the factory quickly confirmed this for me.  They're really fantastic about responding to e-mails.holder and when it was made.

At 9:06pm on May 7, 2017, Chris Pollock said…

Hi Bonnie, I'm so sorry I haven't acknowledge your request. I've been having tons of health issues and then for some reason Firefox didn't want to load the site correctly. I just downloaded and installed Chrome today and it works fine. Love your bike, wish I hadn't gotten hit on mine back in 2001. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here. We got our first Aladdin lamp made in 1920 last month on a trip to Galveston and going back this month to look for more.

At 3:58am on February 11, 2015, Stef said…
This is the only antique group I belong to. I guess some folks are products of their environment well mine was for the most part antiques. My mother loved "as my siblings and I would joke," loved old stuff, she'd spend more money buying something old than she would buying something new.

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