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Craig Phillips / B & C Emporium's Comments

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At 1:58pm on May 28, 2010, Tammy said…
Thank you for your welcome!
I have a lot of antique tools that I will be cleaning up (dusting) and photogrpahing, and then trying to identify over the next number of weeks.
My great great grandfather was a carpenter and many are his tools.
At 8:28pm on April 27, 2010, Martha A. Merriam said…
I think I just realized you are in town in Allegan but are you at the fairgrounds also?
At 8:26pm on April 27, 2010, Martha A. Merriam said…
Yes I will put it on the calendar for May. Just where are you set up at the Allegan Fairgrounds?
At 4:00pm on April 27, 2010, Martha A. Merriam said…
So when does the Allegan Antique show start? It has been awhile since I was able to go to them. I am very interested in the shows if nothing else but to get ideas on antiques.
I have a antique floor lamp that need seriow repair new wiring and a new glass shade. I bought a shade in Centerville but have never put it together, you said you do some work on lamps?? Please let me know.
At 11:16pm on April 23, 2010, Gordon Lindquist said…
I'm just getting started helping my son run his store and managing his ebay activity and website. Lot's of fun since I have retired. I'm learning a lot of new information each day. Glad I found this website.
At 10:10pm on March 23, 2010, jack sprat said…
Im from Pennsylvania, and am just looking to see what kind of offers I can get for the lamp. Thanks
At 11:48am on March 19, 2010, Ed Young said…
Hi Craig and thanks for the welcome. I'll post a couple of pics in a bit to give you an idea of some of the items I have, and will come across.

At 10:26pm on March 15, 2010, Barbara E. Mauzy said…
Hello once again and welcome to Fire-King, Peanut Butter Glasses and Bakelite in the Kitchen! Lots of interests!!! I hope you find the groups fun and informative. Barbara
At 3:14pm on March 15, 2010, Barbara E. Mauzy said…
Hi, Craig. Welcome to the PYREX group. It's easy to see you love vintage glass! Barbara
At 3:43pm on February 2, 2010, Piedad Vergara said…
Hello Craig
Nice to meet you for this way. I had been in the Allegan antique show ones, but it was not so good for me. I have many things for sale but I didnt have time to promote, I think this is a good place for meet people .
Maybe we can be in touch. I will put some pics. I need to be more familiar with the site and with the prices.
Thank you for your welcom, Piedad
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At 7:47pm on January 31, 2010, Ellene Meece said…
I'm referring others on this site to your facebook page. That ok?

Also, just wanted to ask how far Fennville, Michigan is from you. I have friends Robert and Denise Hatfield who live there. Not antiquing friends to my knowledge but someone I met a few years ago and think are really nice people!
At 6:25pm on January 31, 2010, J & G Antiques said…
Craig! Good to hear from you. Your pictures look great.Maybe we will see you in Michigan this summer. Jody and Gene
At 2:39pm on November 11, 2009, Janet Mast said…
Hi Craig and thank you. I posted the pic of the desk I'm trying to find out about. It was described as walnut,Herters/federal? Can you help me? I haven't been able to find anything. It is from @1870...Thanks, Jan
At 5:34pm on October 2, 2009, Lynn S. said…
Thanks for the welcome! I just added some beautiful old furniture that was left to me.
At 3:50am on September 11, 2009, Kevin said…
Thank You for your welcome to the group. I am going to post a pic or 2 of a period mirror I bought a the Goodwill for $14.99.
At 6:36am on September 2, 2009, Velma & Sheila said…

great it worked here is what the back looks like
At 6:34am on September 2, 2009, Velma & Sheila said…

hi has anyone seen the horse reins fob anyone know anything about the company or does anyone know who collects fobs have tryed to do a pictures but i do have some under my photos
At 1:28pm on August 10, 2009, C Burr said…
Craig - Was it you who mentioned you had old Sears and Monkey Ward catalogues? Don't guess you have the one with the infamous "Man on page 409". I remember visiting my (prudish) mother and telling her about it. She never threw away ANYTHING. She jumped up, got out her old catalogues - and, there he was. I think that was in the mid 70s, though.
At 12:21am on July 29, 2009, Oralei said…
FInally got in the group. That was a pretty nifty lamp. Just a bit different. :)
At 2:11am on July 6, 2009, Jason said…
Thanks for the welcome!

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