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At 9:30am on January 11, 2018, Michael said…

Try this...

Go to a website and copy an image, switch back to the thread and right click anywhere from the blinking text cursor upwards through your post, you should see the cut, copy paste popup menu then, if you right click anywhere below the very last entry made in the text box, below where text has already been entered, then a different popup menu appears, one which does not contain paste, instead offering to save the page or view page source etc...

It seems to always work for me this way.

Image result for smiley face

At 3:12am on September 8, 2017, Lorraine Marie Easterling said…

Them folks in Florida best brace themselves. No words to describe Texas...

At 3:10am on September 8, 2017, Lorraine Marie Easterling said…

Hi Miss Molly... Yes maem you can reach me on this sight . One way or another I'm going to learn the downloading side to this computer and it will be better. I have been Soo busy here in Kingman this week and seems all I've been doing is running. Fri. is my day off and was thinking of going over to Phoenix to see one of my grandsons play football. Not sure yet though. He had a game planned in Las Vegas for their first game but the other schools students  went on strike believe it or not because of the DACA news here in Az.

At 5:41pm on September 4, 2017, Lorraine Marie Easterling said…

Hi there Miss Molly, I hope your day is treating you well. It's my intention to get more pictures out there but I'm having a heck of a time downloading or having any luck at all . It's frustrating but with my own patience I'll figure it out . And believe me I have more to show and everything I post is for sale to anyone who see's their item I have and they want . But for now it's off to the shopping center . Oh boy how I Love that , ( not ) but when you realize the milk jug is empty and the butter tray too you must remind yourself there's no cereal & toast for the next morning ... Darnit .off to the store I go  .I'll be back soon

At 1:55pm on August 30, 2017, Dotty said…

Hi Molly. Thank you for helping with this unusual find.  This is actually for a friend of mine and I will get you more information shortly, as soon as I get it.  Any hunches or guesses in the meantime?

At 11:50pm on August 27, 2017, Lorraine Marie Easterling said…

Well Miss Molly I hope your evening finds you well in Mi. as Az. is having a mellow evening. I was born in Detroit quite a few years ago in Henry Ford hospital and see how we managed to find something in common right off the bat? Lol Your smart to stay watchful for the one's who perhaps are on this sight with different intentions and I think it's better to be safe than Sorry... But getting back to Mi. , yes I grew up in Melvindale and when I turned 12 the family moved to Westland. I graduated at Cherry Hill in Inkster in 1978. A couple years after that I found myself out here in Az. and been here ever since. Kingman Az. to be accurate. It gets mighty Hot and sometimes I think I'm going to melt but just enough to aggravate. My heart goes out for the folks in Texas as the wrath of Mother Nature takes her stand. I thank you again for the friending as I enjoy meeting new people and mostly that I found this sight. I received another response thinking the ring is a Vintage almost Antique Lapis. I was given another sight to look more info on so with that I will close and check it out. Have a Blessed night and Take care, Lorraine.

At 1:11am on August 27, 2017, Lorraine Marie Easterling said…

Well Miss Molly I certainly agree where social media is concerned as you really don't know what's on the other side of a chat or so forth. I stay pretty much to home if I get on line. Mostly with just my family or co-workers. But thank you for not being to nervous of me as I'm just Soo new to this sight and I really have found out quite a bit of info concerning some of my questions. The ring I have is more black than anything and I'm pretty familiar with Lapis but I'm thankful to get anyone's input. The setting is a different shape and it just looks older than younger. If that makes any sense. I have too much to learn as I know some but just that , some... How I have managed to get a house full of knick knacks as I have wasn't something I was trying for but Whew, It's ridiculous what I've accumulated. Do you collect anything personal Miss Molly? Possibility I have what it is.Thanks for your time and sure hope you don't live in Texas as them poor folks are getting Slammed with that after effect of that Harvey.

At 12:34pm on August 22, 2017, elizabeth owusu said…

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Thanks God bless.

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