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At 7:58pm on November 15, 2012, Victor said…

Thank you

At 6:45pm on November 7, 2011, Kim said…
Hi there

I am sorry I took so long getting back to you.Thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my collection.I am glad you enjoyed them.I have not been on lately,much like your selves it has been very busy around here.I recently graduate Asheford Institute Of Antiques and Am now a certified appraiser.So in turn have been busy getting set up.It sounds like you have been very busy yourself.How is the livestream video going?I would love to see it.I am enjoying IAO and hope to be a part of it for a very long time.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care Kim:)
At 11:14am on June 24, 2011, Donna Cohoon Smaage said…
Hi, Robert.  I'm still trying to determine value of the pre-civil war windsor chairs that we own.  I'm really not sure what to do with them.  They were so prized by my mother-in-law.  Any ideas of who might be interested in purchasing them and the value.  There are 4 chairs in great condition.  No broken or missing parts that I recall.  Thank you for your assistance.  My husband just returned from Haiti where he did some repair/construction work for an orphanage.  Such a needy country and people!   Donna
At 9:09pm on February 1, 2011, Vintage Caroline said…
Hi Robert! Thank you for joining the Ruby Plaza Connection Group, please feel free to post comments, questions, etc!  So glad to have you as part of the group! :)  Caroline
At 4:59am on October 12, 2010, olivia said…
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At 7:22pm on May 16, 2010, Marianne Flannery (Auctioneer) said…
Glad you liked my pictures, Need to update soon. :)
At 7:00pm on May 10, 2010, Bargain Bri (Brian Dempsey) said…
I'll be in touch soon, I hope to use this as "THE SOURCE" for GREAT and real information.
The site is OUTSTANDING!, Thanks !
Bargain Bri
At 7:34am on April 23, 2010, joni henderson said…
Good Morning-I am actually just sharing what I have more for research/information than to sell. Since most of what I had was from my grandma's house I wouldn't have the heart to sell them. I'm kind of sentimental that way:)

I am finished teaching at the end of May and hope to have ample time to add more treasures.
At 10:05am on April 19, 2010, Ed Young said…
Robert, I'm doing something wrong or not looking in the right places. I totally missed your last March 26 comments until just this morning! Maybe I'm trying to look at too many things at the same time. Maybe I should pay more attention to "my page." I will act on your suggestions as soon as am able.

At 8:36am on April 5, 2010, joni henderson said…
Thank you so much for your kind words. I have been working on my pics but I think I may need to "take the plunge" and get a new camera. Until then I will take and retake until I can fix the blurr:)
Happy Monday-Joni
At 11:28am on April 1, 2010, joni henderson said…

Ugh....I spent more time than I care to admit last night working with my canon. I am sending you a pic of the camera-it is a canon powershot S1 IS. I've had it for a long time (about 6 years) and it's probably time to replace. Thank's for your help
At 11:05am on March 31, 2010, joni henderson said…
Very nice-thank you for sharing. I have much to learn:) and am so excited about this site.
At 11:02am on March 31, 2010, joni henderson said…
How kind-I wish I had a better camera because my pics sometimes turn out blurry. I need to work on that, but I've done so much researching online and always hate it when I can't see the markings on the back or get a clear view of pic. The same is true when I go to antique stores and have to look through glass. I need to touch the piece and be able to examine all sides. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have a lot more pics. I have a very treasured and eclectic collection.
At 3:42pm on March 30, 2010, joni henderson said…
Thank you for taking at a look at some of my pics. I don't have anything for sale-I really only put some of my pictures up to share and hopefully help someone else out with identification. I have so many pieces I am unsure about and have spent more hours than I care to admit researching. When I have time I will add some of my other "attic" treasures.
At 12:00pm on March 26, 2010, Ed Young said…
This being Friday night and the fact that I don't have to get up that early tomorrow means I will try to reach you 8:00 or after tonight. I just don't want to interfere with your dinner if your in the habit of a later dinner time.

At 8:57am on March 26, 2010, Ed Young said…
Hi Robert, I would be happy to talk with you about "sewing." When might be good for you? We didn't connect last night. I am uploading some vintage photos to my vintage snapshot group here on iantiqueonline... Ed
At 7:42pm on March 23, 2010, Ed Young said…
Hi Robert, yes I was referring to the iantiqueonline. I posted some postcards there and asked for some help. Did you happen to see my items? I should be able to speak with you tomorrow. Is there a best time for you?
At 10:57am on March 23, 2010, Ed Young said…
Hi Robert, thank you for the new marketing information. I also joined that group to learn a little more about marketing online. Also, I posted some pics in the Japanese Collectors Group site. I am looking for some help with translations. Have a great day,
At 10:43pm on March 20, 2010, jerry schultz said…
Thanks for the information. I found out my sewing machine is a Singer Model 27 made in 1896
At 3:58pm on March 18, 2010, Ed Young said…
I'm missing something here. I'm not getting any comments coming through. Must be doing something wrong. I saw the pictures but that's it.


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