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Vintage Florenza Revival Brooch & Earring Set, signed

Isn't this so gorgeous! I'm selling it on eBay and check out the Lucite Forbidden Fruit set too!!

I have a Gorgeous Vintage Florenza Revival Brooch & Earring Set, signed

A Vintage, 1960’s Florenza Victorian Revival Brooch pin & Earring Set made of Ruby Red Faceted Stones & Faux Opal Cabochons. No doubt, this is absolutely fabulous and a great example of Florenza jewelry! The large vintage brooch & clip earrings are signed, Florenza and is displayed in Marcia Brown’s, “Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry 2006 Values” which is valued at $225.00 for the brooch only!
The rhinestone brooch and rhinestone earrings have many deep ruby red prong-set rhinestones set in a gold-toned metal.

The brooch and earrings were created in an old world design and features an faux opal cabochons center stone surrounded by five to eight stunning ruby red faceted teardrop stones. The Brooch has a four more faux opal and five ruby red cabochons. Furthermore, there are is five dangling stones that suspend from the main section. All of the stones are in place and the locking "c" clasp works well. This piece can also be worn as a brooch or a pendant. It is so exquisite and expensive looking that no one could resist giving you a major compliment! The brooch measures about 3” by 2” and the pin is perfectly straight and works great.

The clip earrings are as super stunning as the brooch. The five ruby red faceted teardrop stones within the earring form the shape of a flower and surround one faux opal center. Each clip earring measures about 1" by 7/8".

This Vintage Florenza Brooch and Earring Set is a very collectible beauty and in excellent condition. All stones are in place and are bright and sparkling, and the gold tone metal is nice and shiny.

A Little Florenza History:
Florenza jewelry was a line of jewelry created by Dan Kasoff Inc., NYC, and was in operation since 1937. Florenza operated under the name Dan Kasoff, Inc. as a manufacturing industry and did not start marking its own production jewelry, FLORENZA until 1950. Florenza went out of business in 1981. Florenza jewelry is characterized with quality workmanship, quality materials, and quality designs. Their jewelry will never lose its value but, will continue to appreciate. Florenza created jewelry for Weiss, Carnegie, Coro, and others. Characteristics of Florenza jewels include: Antique Gold Finish, An Old World Look, Novelty Glass Stones, and the backs of their jewelry were always finished to perfection. It was a successful line that favored Renaissance Revival themes using antique finishes to the metal settings. The company also created a gorgeous line of trinket boxes, pill boxes, pendants, pin cushions and picture frames. Florenza jewelry and trinket boxes are highly sought after by collectors today.

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