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The Top 20 Google Seaches Containing The Word "Antique" From News-Antiques

The Top 20 Google Seaches  Containing The Word "Antique"

1. The top 20 Google searches containing the word "Antique".
Google has an interesting tool where you can find out how many times a specific term or word has been searched for on their system over the
course of a month. Here are the top 20 results for the word "Antique",
followed by the number of times that term/word was searched for in a one
month period.

antique - 6,120,000
antiques - 1,220,000
antiques furniture - 246,000
antique furniture - 246,000
antique for sale - 165,000
antique road show - 135,000
antique roadshow - 135,000
antique rings - 135,000
antique jewellry - 110,000
antiques road show - 110,000
antiques roadshow - 90,500
roadshow antiques - 90,500
antique wedding dresses - 90,500
antique and - 90,500
antique clock - 90,500
antique posters - 90,500
antiquity - 74,000
antique glass - 74,000
antique silver - 74,000
antique jewelry - 74,000

It's interesting to note how many more people will search for a term
using just a slight variation in words or just adding an "s" to make a
word plural. Keep this in mind when writing press releases, marketing
copy & advertising for distribution over the Internet. Make sure
your text is optimized with the most appropriate and popular keywords
for your business.

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News-Antique.com has been supplying press releases to Google news since
2007. The Bing.com news service is second only to Google news in the
number of readers who use their popular news aggregation service. Press
release published at News-Antique.com will now be fed to the two largest
news sources on the Web. Publishers interested in trying this service
can open a free account at http://news-antique.com/?go=signup

About News-Antique.com
The News-Antique.com press release distribution site is the largest
online distributor of press releases related to the antiques and
collectibles trade. The site maintains an opt in email list of over
10,577 writers, editors, bloggers, collector clubs and individual
collectors that follow the antiques and collectibles trade. The site
gets 28,000 unique visitors each month and is listed as the #1 search
result for "Antique News" on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask.com.

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Phillip Davies
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Comment by Toronto Antique Shows on January 12, 2011 at 1:49am
Interesting information! Good to know! Thank you.

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