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The difficulty in marketing high dollar art

Just thought I would say a few words on the GREAT difficulty had in trying to get ANYONE to pay attentio to my..what turned out to be an actual John Constable. What I have found, and it is nothiong new. Anytime I might have a realy valuable peice of art and it is to the point that no ne has discredited the peice or offered any other explanantion other than, (yes it could indeed be what it is) At this point, no one will even give  me a very rough estimate of any kind regaurding value. After dozens of attempts, with not one person saying anything but ..no matter how good a picture I took it was always..(not good enough).


Finaly, through luck and very strange coincidence it just so happend that an elderly friend of mine knew that his friends son was personal assistant to a major art auction house. From that point on. after pictures had ben sent. This person did not say (not good enough) he did say that he wanted to see the art peice at my earliest convenience. So I did just that. With in three days I was told very straighforwardlyabout the potentail value of my peice of art. This was incredible good fortune and definetly not the norm. I have always dreaded marketing art, especialy paintings. For me, who is not conncetd nor has a large bank account nor any respect in the art world, getting the attention of the right people is ....difficult.


The one thing that has changed and made it SOMEWHAT easier is that collectors post online specific works of art they want and if you have one they list and send a pic to them, they DO get right back to you with what is PROBABLY somewhat of a fair offer. My thinking has always ben, find the reatil average price if you can and then be luck if you can get half of that. I had another peice that the Jay Paul Getty museum had three other works of. They never returned m y corrospondence. Not even a (we are not intersted) despite three attempts..typical, at least for me.

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