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The best state in America for antique furniture

Let me tell eveyone something. Many years ago I lived in the state of Maine. Now alot of people out here in CA have actualy never heard of this state and think its a county in CA or some small town they didnt know about. Anyway, if you travel inland, staying away from the coastal tourist trap towns, you will find dozens and dozens of small run down towns with 300 year old plus buildings standing but in need of a face lift. In these small towns its either a paper mill or great northern paper for work. All of these small inland towns have lots of furniture from mid 1600s to late 1700s that folks use as everyday flea market like furniture. They consider it no big deal. If you know the area and they know you lived in Maine for awhile and can conceal that you may be from (california)...california swifty is what they call you! LOL.


I guy that either had an inn or lived in the area himself could easily get extremely scarce furniture from local garage sales, small flea markets ect. The only time I have seen the like here is in large cities at high end antique shops.  Even then it would not be many peices. Now I know that was 25 years ago and perhaps many have sharpened up, but I bet you could still do well. Too bad the high price of gas makes it almost imposible to speculate. Unless you knew some what for sure you just couldnt risk coming back empty or not enough.


There are alot of the large model Atlantic queen woodstoves in old farmhouses as well as original slate sinks. Often you will see early American peices made from local wood..(white oak)  If a guy had more than enough to live on it would be fun just to go see and get peices for yourself.


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Comment by Craig Phillips / B & C Emporium on April 20, 2012 at 10:13am

25 or so years ago was a different world, before road show, pickers, the internet, and such, back in the late 1970's we used to go from Michigan out east NY, PENN, VT, and else where and shop always bought a bunch furniture, smalls, was lots of neat stuff,

then gas got to the super high of $1. per gal, & we quit going that far just to shop, specialy driving rigs that got 6-8 mpg,

I am sure there is a rare find out there every once in a while yet, just like every other market area, but you have to do lots of driving around and be the right person at the right moment at the right address as there are many others looking for that diamond in the ruff to being found.

and in the late 1970-80's I had a friend who bought from us all that original finished oak and walnut 1870-1910 furniture that was shipping 1-2 semi trucks worth of furniture to CA a week, as well as the smaller guys that would drive a smaller truck here to pick some stuff from Bob,


As to what is better antique or modern furniture, my opinion, what ever will sell is the best furniture, unless you want to be a museum then buy whatever style or era you like.

Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware


Comment by Dorothy Coughlan on April 19, 2012 at 11:24pm

The American antique furniture styles are relatively distinct to their periods and collectors of these items were frequently partial to single style. Nowadays what is the best, antique furniture or the modern furniture?

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