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 Introducing Zee ( Zazzy Zee, Divine Dumpster Diva and of course Purposeful Repurposer). 

Hey there:

I thought I would stop by and chat a bit. First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Zee Mink-Fuller, otherwise known as Zazzy Zee, Divine Dumpster Diva and of course Purposeful Repurposer.  No matter what anyone calls me, my ears are always in tune with anything rusty and dusty. I started collecting when I was nine years old, went to my first auction at eleven and still own the treasures acquired during those early years.  Now, I could tell you how many years ago that was, but let me clarify that if those items were not antique at the time of purchase they certainly are now. Like a train out of control, I was on a roll, much to my parent’s dismay.  Now, I just say, “That is how I roll!”
I have owned my own shop, an estate liquidation company,  and appraisal business.  When I started collecting there were no antique malls, EBay,  internet or TV junking shows. Just little quaint shops and ladies selling out of their living rooms.  An occasional garage sale , flea market or antique show made my young blood race and my little feet dance with excitement. It wasn’t until I became an adult that my hobby turned into a business. I still have a small shop at a local antique mall and also am fortunate enough to have three barns which get culled from time to time at my own fun barn sales.  I am not ruling out the idea of having another shop one day.  My husband is now as addicted ( that may be a stretch) as I am with hunting down the next good deal. So, I am thinking when he retires, he will entertain the shop idea, buy another cargo van and we will head out on the hunt.
Started Out With Victorian Era Goodies 
When I first stared collecting, I was into Victorian era goodies.  Dolls, jewelry, glassware, costumes and furniture. I would give charity style shows wearing all my Vintage clothing, writing scripts telling stories of the gals and guys who wore my fabulous garments. I loved everything historical. I must tell you that I did not stay in one place. 
On The Move
I have moved over twenty times and have wrapped and boxed every item myself, not trusting anyone to handle my little loves. My last move was to small acreage in a somewhat rural area of Texas. I long ago gave up the Victorian phase and put American primitives, Western Americana, Texas historical items, Old Mexico Souvenirs,  pottery of all kinds and farmhouse collectibles in its place.  Well, that may not be totally true, because I am one junker who never met an antique she didn’t like.
I have attached one small photo of a few items from my Mexican Souvenir collection, one of our outdoor kitchen made completely from salvaged antique materials and a sign which says it all.
Thanks and Joyous Junkin’

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