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My name is Kyle Clark. I'm what you would call a beginner when it comes to antiques. My interest started about 10 years ago when I was around 13-15 years old. I was introduced to, what I only knew it as at the time, "Depression Glass" by my father. His friend had a fairly large collection of about 50 pieces or so that we displayed in a nice open display cabinet. He had lined it with black lights, and this is where my fascination began. When a black light is held by a piece of depression glass or Vaseline glass it lights neon green. I was hooked! My dad gave my a few pieces to start my collection out, but I only added about 7-10 pieces to it over the next 6 or so years. I then moved into a new place and had an extra room. This room was dubbed "Kyle's Blacklight Lounge." My, then girlfriend and now wife, made me a painting that would light up in certain spots when held under a black light to spell out "Kyle's Blacklight Lounge" and a few small things she drew with black light paint. It had begun!

I started looking more for this glass, and over the next 2 years I added over 15 pieces to my collection. Then it happened. The table I had all my glass sitting on fell in the middle of the night, breaking pieces of my glass and causing me to lose interest in frustration, and once again my collection came to a halt. Then I moved into the house I'm living at now and became good friends with a guy who informed me his mom owned a small local antique shop so I went with him to check it out. I bought 3 items: A piece of coal carved into the shape of a coal truck from a local mine in our area, A Coca Cola porcelain drive in restaurant, and a piece of Vaseline glass.

A week later she called me saying she found me 4 more pieces, I went and picked them up. She let it slip she got them for dirt cheap at a yard sale, and I was off to the yard sales the following Saturday! Once I got my collection back up over 30 I stumbled across this site called IAntiqueOnline.com. Not knowing anything about the site, I posted in chat asking for help with my glass. A user by the name of TomsAntiquesEtcetera told me I would have a better chance getting answers if I joined this group called "Glass Hound Heaven." I took his advice and joined the group and was instantly welcomed in. I have learned SO SO SO many great things, and have on more then one occasion been referred to as a "sponge" because I try to soak up anything they are willing to teach me. Shortly after joining this group, and learning I was limiting myself immensely by only sticking to Depression and Vaseline, I got my first chance to go "Picking." I got Ezra Brooks decanters, Pink Glassware, WWll items, and all kinds of goodies. I was hooked. I've since went on only one other "pick" before deciding I needed to sell some stuff before I kept going. Recently I have got a booth at an antique mall, made some great friends in this area that share my enthusiasm (and meet more all the time), and started an Antique collectors group in my area up to over 30 members. I wouldn't have done any of this if it weren't for this site and the wonderful friends I have made in Glass Hound Heaven! :-D

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Comment by vicki hufstetler on September 2, 2013 at 5:16pm

Aww, Your awesome Kyle! We are very blessed to have you with us, not only on Glass hounds group, but by the whole iao community! :)

Comment by Kyle :-D on September 2, 2013 at 11:36am

The "Kyle's Blacklight Lounge" Painting

The 3 Items Bought From Friend's Mom's Antique Shop

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