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Ship It to Yourself....Don't forget to send it?

"Ship It to Yourself....Don't forget to send it?" Box it right ship it mean. You can send your items packaged to survive the trip. Arriving as your customers expected them to arrive, mean and lean ready to go. Over the many years in the logistics business and having to handle and deal with customers. There is one thing that you want to avoid , "un-happy customers". Give them the service that you would like to have given to you.
When an item is ready for shipping it has been packed to survive the trip from your store to your customers door. Let me say right here and now there isn't a known cure for the occasional damaged item. Make sure your customers have the correct amount of carrier insurance or declared value paid for on those items that are fragile.

Know what you send could be damaged.So, I recommend doing the following:

1. wrap the item in bubble wrap or foam
2. line the box with 1 1/2 to 2 inches of cushioning
3. the item must be in the center of this cushioning

These Mason Jars were boxed according to my "review" that you are reading now. I sold them in my "Stirred2Generosity Store" on IOffer on Jan. 27th 2009. My customer was very happy with them and no damage in transit. I also had a fragile cookie jar she purchased sent,it was packaged to arrive "mean and lean" with no damage in transit.

Next seal this box using quality packing tape. Do not scrimp on tape since problems with tape coming off during transit results from inferior tapes.(never use 'masking tape' 'scotch tape' or 'duck tape') Once this box has been packed you are now ready to pack the "box"? Yes, pack the box! Do the same thing to this box packing it into a larger box follow these steps:

1. place cushioning on the bottom about 2 inches deep
2. place the inner box on this cushioning
3. place cushioning around the four sides of the inner box
4. place your customers "thank-you " letter on top of the inner box
5. place 2 inches of cushioning on top of the inner box
6. seal the box with quality packing tape

The proper way to seal a box. Tape where the two flaps meet in the middle go with the seam. Now tape the seams on the ends of the box. Your tape should look like an "H" when correctly applied. There is no need to tape around the sides where no opening is. This only waste the tape since it will not keep the box closed. Most of the time you see boxes taped this way to "help hold the contents in". When in reality the box itself was not fit for shipping.
Examples of poor boxes:

1. shoe box that will be used as the outer box
2. styrofoam that is very thin
3. used boxes (see exception) that have seen the world over and over
4. damaged boxes,this means torn on the sides or any where that objects poke out of the box
5. boxes with weak sides and bottoms. These are no better than a thin paper plate with a mountain of food on it.

TIP 1 : It is completely okay to use boxes that have been "used" already. I have even used boxes from recycle bins. Yes, dumpster diving. Well you don't need to climb into the "trash dumpster" that is not sanitary. Taking boxes from a "recycle bin" where they are folded flat and not covered with smelly food items can be a resource if you get good boxes. You will be helping the environment at the same time reducing your packaging materials cost. Make sure 'all' old shipping labels are removed to prevent your box from going to the wrong address? (if there are too many addresses on the box, then it is time to find a new box)

TIP 2 : If you cannot bring yourself to using recycled boxes above. You might want to contact local stores during the time of restocking. This typically on Tuesdays since most stores stock their shelves with merchandise then? The clerk or management are more than happy to assist you. Here you will find another resource for boxes.

TIP 3: Most carriers do not allow the use of wrapping paper "brown" that is covering the outside of a box. The reason is ,during mechanical handling and some personal handling this paper could be torn from the box. Leaving the box without the "to" and "from" address.

TIP 4 Do not use twine or jute or any other strapping around and around the box. Even banding straps could cause the box to be torn open if caught in the carriers conveyor system? Don't forget to apply a fragile sticker or use a black marker to write 'fragile'.

Your customer will not be happy with a poorly box item?

Think before you pack and you can "Box it right ship it mean".

Hope that you found this guide "boxed", just right for you.

It is a very good policy to write your to and from addresses on the inside box. If for whatever reason the outer box is missing during transit ,at least the carrier will be able to contact one or the other parties and complete the delivery.

Another point that needs to be sure, when selecting a box for the outer box be sure it is not a 'store shelf box.' Store shelf boxes are the ones you see on the shelf in a store. These are the boxes that for example ; your laptop computer came in. These boxes will do well as a inner box . You want a strong ridged box one that is not weak one that will not sink under the presure of another box.

Not every employee of every carrier is loyal to their customer or employer. You will have to remember your box WILL get tossed, it Will get kicked, dropped or sat on. "Pack your item as if you sent it to yourself."

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