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Pro File: Claudia Camp Antiques in Houston

Ask any antiques connoisseur in the Greater Houston area about Claudia Camp and you’re bound to get the same response. “She’s got great taste”, “She’s got a great eye”, “She really knows her antiques”. (They might also mention that her smile is like a beam of sunshine!)

We couldn’t agree more. Claudia’s seasoned point of view – more than 25 years of experience – captured our attention almost immediately after we touched down in Houston earlier this year. We invited her (read: begged her) to join Trove Market and, thankfully, she accepted! Here's a link to Claudia's Storefront so you can see for yourself all the cool things she's selling.

Here's what Claudia had to say to our Editorial Director, Kelly LaPlante.

KLP: How did you get started in this business?

CC: After my daughter Tiffany turned one, I felt like I could handle just a little bit “more action”, imagine that, so I opened a children’s resale shop. Tiffany and I would go to garage sales and find treasures that stay-at-home moms could afford for their babies, too. In an effort to always think ahead, I would buy a piece of furniture here and there, maybe a dresser or chest that would work in with the children’s resale shop. After a little success, the owner of the big antiques mall down the street asked me to join in as a dealer. Not knowing anything about antiques, I was definitely intimidated, but Veronica (the mall owner) said that she would guide me through my transition. She was my mentor and I will forever be grateful for her vision.

KLP: Did you have a different career before you caught the antiques bug?

CC: I worked retail sales at Sakowitz Clothing and other retail stores. After that, I spent the rest of my career in the banking business, where I gained my knowledge in the lending end of banking and worked in the real estate department (when interest rates were at 21%!).

(Indiana Advertising Pottery Jug)

KLP: Besides your own shop, of course, what is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

CC: My favorite place near my shop on Westheimer is the hide away little place that we all know and love as (the original) Berryhill Restaurant. I go every Monday for their half price fish tacos—I love those!!!

KLP: What’s the best thing about your job?

CC: My passion is my antiques business and the fellowship I have come to know through the years with all the wonderful and knowledgeable dealers that have befriended me and taught me along the way. After 25 plus years I still love what I do and the people that I meet.

(Rustic Vintage Longhorns)

KLP What’s the most unusual thing you’ve come across while searching for antiques?

CC: I was digging through this shed and a raccoon jumped out and scared me! I told it “shoo, shoo! I need to get to this painted cupboard!” And, of course, he’s just kind of sitting there, looking at me, like he’s interested too!

KLP: Well, of course he was!

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