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My Personal Collectible Treasures Journey

I’m on a journey in search of collectible treasures.

For years, diminutive back roads had subjected me to slight collectible treasure contact. For example, in the 1970’s I decided I would like to collect candles – that is wax candles. I gathered these wax creatures and figures everywhere I traveled until one hot summer day, I came home from a trip and walked into my un-air-conditioned Texas house and found my existing assortment totally melted down to unrecognizable globs. End of that collection.

Later, on another meandering back road to collectible treasures, I began collecting thimbles. My reasoning was they took up little room for display and could be found almost everywhere a person went besides the price being typically quite practical. I diligently collected these tiny specimens from dozens of states and countries and sites, and have quite an assortment today.

This was followed with a passion for collecting china tea cups and occasionally a special complete tea set - especially while visiting Europe where these are in abundant supply! But, I have to admit that even though I toured a few manufacturer sites, the history and value of what I was collecting was not primary.

However, an opportunity to begin my antique and collectible education began in the early 1990’s when my dear mother began a business in collectible treasures. She opened a spacious Antique and Collectible store in Yukon, Oklahoma right on the famous, historic Route 66 and named it Grandma's Treasures.

Well, that exposed me to the vast expanse of collectible treasures for sure because she acquired numerous vendors, took classes on almost every collectible topic, became a certified appraiser, and excessively talked and collected antiques, glassware, pottery and much more. Even though I admired her enthusiasm and passion, listened to her explanations of endless pieces of glassware and many other collectible items and even attended class with her, I had still only begun my education in the world of collectible treasures.

Then, in 2006, my mom passed away unexpectedly. In the aftermath of her memorable life, I began looking at her stuff. She had by this time, closed the store, so her home was stacked to overflowing with…yes, collectible treasures. Slowly I made the transition from cleaning out to organizing to admiring to researching to loving to at last creating my own business to sell all these antiques, collectibles and vintage treasures.

What I discovered was a Collectible Treasures Highway! A multi-lane super highway filled with enthusiastic lovers of collectible treasures. Everyday, the airwaves, cyberspace, web blogs, ladies clubs, discussion forums, historic societies, tucked away stores and big stores in malls, barns, auctions, flea markets, garage sales, arts and crafts shows and museums are filled with collectible treasure seekers. They search, share information, buy, sell, research, support and never stop learning about everything from marbles to Tiffany glass. They explore a plethora of topics and dig out history of these treasures. They preserve the integrity of each treasure and educate the younger generation in their rich heritage.

Today, I’ve have merged full steam into the congested traffic of exploring, learning, buying and selling on the Collectible Treasures Highway. True, my education has accelerated considerably and will never end. But, I have found on this super highway, the people in the vehicles next to me are waving a friendly hello, many others are lending travel advice and all of us bear the bumper sticker signs of being true seekers of collectible treasures. My mom would be so proud of me!

Ellene Meece

Meeker, Colorado, USA


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Comment by Colleen Smith on February 20, 2009 at 8:54am
Love this post, Ellene...I also envy your inherited good fortune. What a way to begin again. Using all the resources available through the interent and more, the information is staggering...but still, we search. And search. And learn. And I do believe your mom would be very proud of you!

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