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Moving from A Market Place to Your Own Website

We have been selling vintage items since 2008 and collecting since the 1960s. We started as most people do on eBay or as we call it feeBay. We tried some smaller sites such as eCrater and then moved to Etsy where we had some success but, was to restrictive on format, search and some items where to PC for them. Most sales were made within the Etsy market place with little from the world wide web.

So after some trials at Volusion and Shopify we selected Bigcommerce in February. They had the biggest dollar volume of stores in the world and are much more SEO friendly than Shopify. Moving to your own site is a little challenging but, Bigcommerce makes most of it pretty easy. Porting over our Etsy inventory was pretty easy, just export to a Excel CSV file and fill in some of the blanks that your new store requires and that Etsy didn't export and within an hour our inventory with pictures was sitting in our new store. BigCommerce even has a product location field that allows you to put in where your item is located in you storage area. For those who have a lot of inventory this is sweet. When you get an order it prints the location on your packing list. you just go to that location shelf box etc. and pick the item.

Your shop will have a rotating banner so you can display specials, new picks or what every you want. It has a featured product section and a new items section so your customers can see what is new in your shop.

There is some heavy lifting in that you need to market the site just like you do anything else. But, you won't have to post new items consistently for 20 cents a pop to stay up in the search engines like Etsy. $29.95 a month its worth checking out. Check our shop out at VintageMark

Hope this helps anyone who may be looking to go out on their own.

Cheers, Indypicker

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Comment by Indy Picker on April 23, 2017 at 7:10am

Thanks for feed-back. I added a link to your blog to my blog at Indypicker. Yes, I wish FeeBay would implode. Sellers are there to see how low they can sell something or ask ridiculous price for their item.

Comment by Michelle's Antiques on April 21, 2017 at 11:01am

Good luck, I moved from a Mall to my own real world shop and my sales increased 100% we have to do what works best and go with the flow. Freebay has changed the way we do business.

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