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I need help & advice on a few items I found online today, and am considering buying to sell.

Today I cruised through the local Goodwills by way of Shopgoodwill, and I found a few things that I am considering bidding on. However, I cannot find anything out about them by looking on eBay. When I type the item in, I get a 0 items found message.

One such item is listed as: Yamasen 24K Gold Collection Fine Porcelain Set. The actual description of this is as follows: A very beautiful 24pc fine porcelain tea/coffee set by Yasamen. It is hallmarked as 24K gold plated with a wonderful pattern depiction of Asian scenery. Cups measures approx. 2.25" tall and 2" diameter, saucers are 4.25" in diameter. Comes in a lined cloth covered box measuring approx. 10" x 15.5" x 2". No damage on dishes found.

Another item that I am considering is: Huge Flatware Set in Wood Case from Thailand. The actual description of the flatware set is as follows: Huge Flatware Set in Wood Case from Thailand; label inside lined box reads "Johny's Gems - Bangkok, Thailand." Flatware appears to be brass, although there are no hallmarks. There are three layers to the box plus the items on the back of the lid; there are many unusual pieces on the lid back. Condition looks good, will need to be cleaned. Amazing set. APPROX measurements: box is 19 in. x 17 in. x 7 in. & 27.2 lbs.

A 3rd item I am considering is: Laughlin/Cunningham & Pickett 22K Gold Dishes. The actual description that is posted is as follows: Wonderful set of four 8.5" bowls, five 6.25" saucers, two 8.25" salad plates (one has a tiny chip on near brim), and two 9" dinner plates. All hallmarked by Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian and Cunningham & Pickett, Inc. 24K gold hand painted in Calirose pattern.

A few other items that I am considering are signed prints by R C Gorman.

Would these items be worth my time to buy and try to sell? What would be an approx value on these, and what would be a recommended selling price for them? If necessary I can attempt to download and post the pictures of the items to this site, but where should I post that if I need to post the pictures? Would there be any interest in buying these items, if I were to purchase them and post them for sale? Where would be the best place to post them for sale?

There are a lot more items that I am interested in, but to me these were the most unusual or interesting things that I found (other than all the Native American Pottery and Southwestern Style Rugs).

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Comment by Barbara E. Mauzy on July 22, 2010 at 6:48pm
Thanks so much for your gracious remarks!! Barbara

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