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Charles Fudge's Antique Auction Gallery in Crystal River, Professional Appraisers & Liquidators, LLC knows that when the economy declines, people look for great deals. As a result, he's added Monday night estate auctions featuring name brand furniture, appliances, and housewares to the Fine Art and Antique Gallery's repertoire.

Crystal River, FL October 9, 2009 - Professional Appraisers & Liquidators Auction Gallery in Crystal River is making adjustments due to our declining economy. Charles Fudge, owner, and auctioneer for nearly 4 decades, knows the antiques and estate auction industry very well. He's been observing market changes over the last 40 years, and has ridden the waves of the economy as it fluctuates. His business has primarily been known for buying and auctioning the creme de la creme of antiques and art. Items typically found at his antique auctions range from Tiffany Lamps and Sterling Silver, 18th & 19th Century Paintings by listed artists, Gold & Diamond Jewelry, Gold Coins, Art Glass & Crystal by famous makers -- to collectible figurines by Lladro, Royal Doulton & Hummel. He knows its time to add estate auctions to his schedule.
In the past, when he purchased the complete contents of an estate, he kept the antiques and old paintings for his high-end antique auctions, and sent everything else off to other auctions. But times are changing. People are more budget concious. So, although there is still a very good market for antiques, art and collectibles, he also knows that in a declining economy there is also increased demand for for gently used, name brand furniture, appliances, housewares, and the like.
He has begun to hold weekly estate auctions to accomodate that market. Fudge will continue to hold his high-end antique auctions, which are attended by locals as well as buyers from all over the U.S. Auction-goers are loyal folks, and word travels quickly. People are already travelling 100 miles to attend his weekly auctions. The audience is mixed -- used furnitre dealers, flea market vendors and individuals wanting to furnish a new home, or redecorate their existing residence. Last week a beautiful knotty pine set of bunk beds withcowboy design like-new mattresses sold for just $75.
Fudge knows that with unemployment on the rise, and a questionable economy, diversity is key. Expanding his business by adding estate auctions will increase profit margins while enabling him to offer a wider selection of merchandise to a broader audience. He predicts that in this economy more and more people will head to the nearest estate auction, to affordably replace a broken appliance, or redecorate their home. His auctions will be held every Monday night beginning at 6:30pm, and Williston auctioneer Joel Kulcsar will be there to help.

For those not familiar with an estate auction, Fudge explained, "Imagine everything in your mother's or grandmother's house -- everything from their Antique Furniture and Sterling Silver to their blender. Now add your aunt's home and your neighbor's. Picture the contents of all of them being sold in 3 or 4 hours. That paints a pretty good picture of an estate auction." The suprises in an estate auction are endless. Automobiles, boats, and even airplanes may be found at an estate auction. There are no limits as to what you might find. On July 27, 2009 at the estate auction of legendary psychic, Jeanne Dixon, her crystal ball sold for $11,950.
In these tough economic times, more and more "newbies" are attending estate auctions, rather than heading to the nearest big box retailer -- in an effort to get more bang for their buck. Auction newcomers quickly become hooked when they see quality merchandise sell for pennies on the dollar. Even better, estate auctions usually have a lot solid wood furniture, instead of the composite and flakeboard being sold these days.
Auctions are exciting because prices are driven by demand. Retail value has little to do with the actual prices realized. The final price is determined by how many people bid on an item, and how badly they want it. What are the other differences between High-End Antique Auctions and Estate Auctions? Typically, Estate Auctions are not catalogued. Without a catalog, an Auctioneer can determine the order of items sold, according to audience interest. This speeds up the auction, the less time an auctioneer takes to describe the items, the more quickly the auction goes.
If you've never been to an auction, why not give it a try? Professional Appraisers and Liquidators offers free copies of an paper they wrote just for first-time auction go-ers. It is very informative and will prove most helpful in making your first auction experience a pleasant one. If you'd like a copy, send an email to webuyit@tampabay.rr.com.
For additional information, contact Professional Appraisers and Liquidators, LLC at (352-795-2061) or visit their website at www.charliefudge.com. Their newly added Estate Auctions will take place each Monday beginning at 6:30 pm and preview will begin at noon on auction day.

Charles Fudge, Auctioneer
811 SE US Highway 19
Crystal River, FL 34429
Tel: 352-795-2061 //Cell Phone: 727-385-6109
http://www.charliefudge.com // Email: webuyit@tampabay.rr.com

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