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Items from Stroudsburg and E. Stroudsburg, PA Estates to include outstanding 1819 large leather covered German Bible (pub. Johann Bar, Lancaster, Pa) with genealogy, and other old books, 1902 Northumberland Co. auction broadside, 1912 Masonic document, 1900 huge German military photo at Spandau, 1st Flight Hindenburg cover and other U.S. stamps, U.S. currency, dozens of quality coins inc. 1877 IH cent, silver dollars, etc., many Cast Iron still banks, fire collectibles inc. CI fire marks, extinguishers, parade & convention badges (many Stroudsburg & E. Stroudsburg pieces from these Estates); Native American artifacts inc. stone mortar, bird points and arrow heads, antique button collection, rare 1 gal. Loder Store crock (E. Stroudsburg, PA), paperweights in cast iron and art glass, Sterling Silver serving pcs. by Gorham and Whiting,  Movado man’s tank watch m.i.b., lots of jewelry and watches,! box of old clock and watch parts, Grammes (Allentown) brass advertising items, Indian Motorcycle tin signs, 1917 Ford car lenses o/b and tire tool, AirMix minnow bucket, vint. tackle box & contents, glass minnow trap, antlers, Peters ammo ads, bear fore-body mount, old reloading tools, milk cans, early Xmas lights o/b, post cards, vint.  table fan, Stanley hdwr.  crate, Theo. Roosevelt items, chestnut buggy seat, ant. hotel mailbox “pigeon holes”, prim. rooftop lightning arrestors, "High Voltage" porcelain sign, DeLaval enameled sign, Coca Cola, Ft. Pitt Beer and other adv. clocks, soda and beer trays, ant. Philadelphia adv. thermometer, signed CI RR flare, DL&W tie date nails, 20's CI lighting, lots of quilts, satin glass rose bowl, Heisey glass, Roseville 114-8 Pinecone “pillow” vase, 1845-dated German registry goblet, Magic Lantern, 38 star U.S. ceremonial flag, WWI military vest, 1910 Bethlehem Steel 4" shell pro! duction sample, Navy Jack from USS Wilke, Nazi items, Russian ! WWII pho to album, Civil War buttons, WWII Red Cross broadside, Sterling Army Air Corps wings, WWI Tobyhanna, PA Veterans panoramic photo, sports memorabilia (Musial, Ali, Marciano, 1906 Basketball team photo, etc.), Skookum & other dolls, Singer #20 toy sewing machine, fine art (listed artists Power O’Malley, Geo. Luks, Emil Kosa, Jr. etc.), French bronze medal (1852) by Guy Brenet, Gilchrist ice cream scoop, 1958 Pocono Mt. Little League schedule, McMichaels, PA Grange Lodge songbooks, primitive wooden wringer,  big box lots and other quality items too numerous to mention.
AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: The best place to enjoy this auction is right in the gallery, but in case you can't make it this time, we've provided an on-line catalog (click blue "Live"  button at top of our AuctionZip website ad) for bidding on certain selected lots in this auction. If you don't have time to use the on-line bidding platform, or have interest in auction lots not in the catalog, remember, ALL items listed or pictured in our full photo gallery are open to absentee bidding by calling 570-688-5735 prior to Friday Mar. 1 at Noon. Great auction…don’t miss!

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