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So, my mother has decided FL is wonderful and, as luck has it, I've ended up with 3 generations worth of treasures.  I'm not complaining so much as I don't know what the HeCk half of this stuff is worth.  My mom is trying to give me a quick "this is from" and "this might be worth something" but I'm finding that while she might know the family history, she has no idea the historical relevance or value of items and tends to lean on emotional value reather than market value.  Needless to say I am looking up every item before I decide whether or not to sell. 

I'm quite overwhelmed and feel like a new market is opening to appraisers willing to help people like me.  With so many children caring for and inheriting the lifelong treasures of older generations, there is much to be gained for the appraisor, the seller (kids like me) and also in keeping the value of our American history. 

Just my thoughts, as I'm frustrated trying to research and learn about every item I uncover--would be great if I didn't have a fulltime job and kids. I am beyond interested but don't have the time for all this.  Curious to hear others thoughts and about our aging population and how it might change the dynamics of collecting/antiques.




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