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Disneyland on a Budget

    A trip to Disneyland is an occasion  that your family will treasure for years to come. Planning is important, but it is obtainable on a budget.  Plan to travel off-season which is January, February, October as well and November and December in between school holiday breaks. Taking your trip on a weekday instead of a weekend will be delightful as it means less crowds and lower prices on hotels.

    Consider renting an RV for your trip to the Magic Kingdom.  If you live near California this can save you hundreds of dollars on hotel, food, and airfare. You have a place to keep your own food cold and available whenever you need it.  A room on wheels is a cost effective way to visit Disneyland. Here are a few RV parks near the park .      http://www.anaheimharborrvpark.com/ and http://www.anaheimresortrvpark.com/

   If air travel is the only option then consider  looking at the following site for tickets. I have always found their service to be outstanding and the prices the absolute best around.  My fiancée and I have utilized this site for trips to British Columbia and Hawaii. They could get a better name but it they really do deliver what they promise . They often have package deals when you book with them and they recommended a hotel for us in Hawaii that was the perfect choice. It had a free shuttle service to Waikiki beach which saved us hundreds of dollars on taking taxi's. No joke. Several hundred. http://www.cheapoair.com

  Buy your tickets to Disneyland online. E-tickets don't have the mailing charge as opposed to the snail mail variety from Disneyland.  They are replaceable as well which is not the case with regular tickets mailed to you.  Check out eBay and Craig's list also as often Disneyland tickets are up  for sale on both sites. If you are a member of Costco check to see if they have discounted tickets.

   The Entertainment book usually offers some hotel discounts and mean discounts.  You can purchase this large coupon book at http://www.entertainment.com They have coupons you can use at many different places in your part of town so it always seems to be an expenditure  that pays for itself. My recent entertainment book had grocery store coupons for each month. I would get $5.00 - $10.00 off during a final grocery bill.

Souvenirs are important to your trip. However the park's prices on them is absolutely premium. Buy them on eBay or from the Disney Store . You can buy t-shirts, hats, trading pins. You can still have the souvenirs but in a cost- effective manner.  Giving your child a certain amount to spend on souvenirs is another way to keep to budget. They make the decisions on what they want.  Souvenirs that don't cost a fortune include autograph books, key chains, pins, and the important "pressed penny" that you can crank out at different locations for  fifty-one cents.

Bringing food into the park isn't allowed however you can get a cooler and freeze your water bottles. Pack your own lunch and keep it in the lockers outside the park. There is a picnic area near the front of Disneyland and this one tip will save you hundreds of dollars. If you don't want to pack your lunch the least expensive place to eat in the park is Jazz Kitchen Express.  Just ride the monorail over and they

offer good food for a nice price. http://www.rbjazzkitchen.com/gen_info.php  My family ate there and saved a great deal of money over the other restaurants in the park.

Check list for items to bring to Disneyland

-Bright colored matching shirts really assist you find your family in a large crowd.

-Sun screen, sun glasses, hats and chap stick

-Fanny pack for  everyone in the family. You really can't go wrong when the kids get the "hold this" they have a place to put their treasures without you ending up holding the items.

- Nice camera for pictures.

Enjoy your trip to Disneyland or Disney World. Planning is everything and will save you money.

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