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Want to own one of a kind items? Looking to make some money? Then comic book collectibles might be the hobby for you. Comic books, and the passion for collecting them, has enormous popularity throughout the world. As a pop culture icon, comic books were introduced in the 1930's as a simple to read, highly artistic magazine or booklet targeted for the teen or adult market. The act of collecting them goes back as far as well. Comic book collectibles are cataloged and divide by ages. The golden, silver and bronze and modern age sets guidlines based on the year of issue. Many countries have a long and storied history when it comes to comic book collectible. Japanese, European comics like the American counterparts are highly sought after and some are extremely valuable. The art of collecting has become high tech with computers and the internet. Many sites exist that will help you value, buy or sell almost any type of issue that has been created. Some sites like www.iantiqueonline.com provide information on all types of collecting and preservation. The most sought after comics are kept in almost new, pristine condition. The overall magazine condition is a key point to consider when evaluating, buying or selling of comic book collectibles. Because the best conditioned comic books demand the highest selling prices. The rarity of the comic is also a big deciding factor to consider as the comic that have the least overall circulation and make them valuable as well. There are several factors to consider when investing in comic book collectible. The best place to start is to do some through research before spending large amounts of money on comics. The overall enjoyment might come from ownership of these wonderful and storied literature collectible. And, who knows, you might make a buck as well.

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