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This blog post first appeared on my blog Etsy Vintage Tips on 10/27/11


Itching to list some new items in my Etsy shop, but not happy with my just so so banner, I decided it was time to create a new one. Although I initially envisioned a banner that used a photo of a single shop item or a collection of small items as the backdrop, I didn’t have anything like that sitting around waiting to be listed. So, I went back to the idea of using photos of multiple items in my banner.

This approach had looked too busy before with the collage style I had previously tried, but I decided if I made my banner out of five images that were all about the size arranged in a single horizontal bar it just might work. Then, I decided this could look visually appealing if those 5 pictures were arranged in rainbow order. I ended up going with 6 items instead of five and placed my shop name across the front in a white font that has a hand-lettered style.

Of course, once a banner was created, I realized I needed to create some other graphics to help build my Etsy brand across multiple websites. For example, I needed a button to post at the side of this blog. Since buttons are square, and since my rainbow style banner doesn’t really lend itself to a square graphic. I decided to compose my button out of four of the images used in the banner. In this case I went with a red, yellow, green, blue theme. Of course, I used the same font as part of my branding initiative.

Previously, I had always used a photo of an item in my shop for my Etsy public profile picture. This was a good way to help gain some additional exposure. Of course, the one problem with that is that once that item sells, you feel you have to re-do your profile picture. Since, that additional exposure using that picture as a profile photo generates, these items tend to sell a little bit quicker, which means lots of profile picture changing. So, I’ve decided to try something else instead, especially with this whole branding idea to think about. I’ve decided to use the square graphic I created for my button as my profile picture as well to further help build my brand.

So far, this brand building has been confined to online graphics, but I also recognized that I was going to need some print items as well to help establish my brand. I had been thinking of creating business cards that I would include with each shipment. I had also been thinking about getting some return address stickers to be used on each package. It seems like a no brainer that those items should also help to build that brand.

Based on the dimensions of the business card, I decided to limit the pattern to three images. The photo used of the yellow bowl (the image on the far right) is a slightly different version than what I used in the other graphics and I’m worried it might be too washed out. I’ll have to see when I receive the printed cards. By the way, I’m doing double duty with these cards by printing the information for this blog on the reverse side of the business card.

I also used three images for the return address labels, but in this case I used the red image instead of the green image to mix things up a little bit. Once again, I’ll have to see how well I like these once I receive the printed version. Some tweaking of the printed products might happen down the line, but for now I’m happy that my printed materials and my online promotion all tie in together to create a single brand.

By the way, based purely on price I chose VistaPrint to print these items. If I’m happy with how the business cards and return address labelsturn out, I’ll probably order any future version from there as well.


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Comment by Alissa on October 28, 2011 at 8:37pm
Thanks, Dianne! Will do!
Comment by C. Dianne Zweig Editor's Desk on October 28, 2011 at 8:36pm
Alissa, you can also post this in our Etsy group, thanks Dianne

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