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A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art

Even before my mother’s unexpected passing in 2006, I had talked to her about joining up with her antique knowledge and vast inventory in her antique and collectible store to share a website where we could share experiences and questions and make friends with collectors and dealers everywhere. With no internet experience herself, mom was reluctant but the dream didn’t go away. Then suddenly, eight years ago next month, she was gone and I was left with the tangible remains of her dream – selling antiques and collectibles. Within a year, my decision was made to make this website happen and move forward…and so began my journey of “antiquing online.”

Mom’s brick and mortar store was called Grandma’s Treasures. So, I named my new website, Grandma’s Treasures Online, in honor of my roots and her memory. After all, the inventory reflected her eclectic interests and was a virtual Grandma’s attic where collectible treasures could be found.

Everyday since then, I’ve loved filling my online store with different collectibles, answering questions, researching for customers and selling a treasure here and there. It’s a real joy to fulfil someone’s wish list and be the destination that helped make that happen.

Grandma's Treasures online

And I’ve found like-minded dealers and collectors on discussion forums such as: I Antique Online. This site was newly formed with less than 200 members when I joined and now has well over 14,000 members, of which I am usually in the top ten. This only means that I do a lot of talking on there! :)

Moderating seven groups keeps me busy answering questions, posting photos and helpful articles and promoting the topics of:

China Chat for those of love vintage and porcelain china

Everyday Pottery, Ceramic Cookware and Dishes for those who love all the Pyrex, Fire King, Fiesta Ware, Franciscan Pottery…to name a few

Advertising Collectibles Antique and Vintage for those who collect tins, vintage bottles of all kinds , advertising boxes, old ads and tons more

Plus the specialized holiday collectible groups with one being named just that – HOLIDAY Collectibles; Vintage Christmas Collectibles; Vintage Valentine Cards and Collectibles

Finally, I am honored to co-moderate with Barbara Mauzy, the author of many popular reference books on Depression Glass Collectors.

Also, I created Grandma’s Treasures Online Facebook, which had proved to be an incredible way to reach new friends, show off products and talk shop. Love for you come by and “LIKE” me!

I LOVE pinning on Pinterest to show off my own products plus all the other beautiful images that are out there on the web! Stop by to view them all! Ellene Meece/Pinterest. I only have 123 boards! :) But, specifically they include: A Vintage Pottery Love, Kitchen CollectiblesCottages (VINTAGE cottages of course!), All Things Vintage, Vintage Advertising Collectibles...just to name a few!

I’ve participated in several other online activities that promote antiques and collectibles but these are my main venues. I can say, I truly enjoy each one as I give part of myself to…ANTIQUING ONLINE!

Summary of the groups that I moderate here on IAO. Everyone welcome to join in!

Vintage Cottage

China Chat

Everyday Pottery

Advertising Collectibles

Holiday Collectibles

Vintage Christmas Collectibles and Decorations

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