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Antiques and Collectibles ~ To LIve Again

There is a strong trend going on in the Antique and Collectible world: repurposing. Actually, the dictionary and spell checker don’t even know what it is yet. :) But, believe me it’s alive and well. Perhaps another word to describe the trend could be reincarnation. For antiques and collectibles have the opportunity to come back to live again in another form.

For the past two or three years, I’ve let go of some of my collectibles to repurpose them into a new art objects or decor that can live again. For instance damaged jewelry pieces were given a ‘glam’ job for funky and fun styling.

This 1960′s acrylic flower brooch with missing and faded petals, received a make over with added craft gem stones, a vintage earring for a petal and a florist butterfly.

Here’s my album of more items, mostly utilizing old vintage buttons.

“Steam Punk” decor was a new term to me, so I looked it up! Wow…just wow! Another world. An unbelievable world where antiques live again in a new setting.

This website HAVE YOU NERD called it “nerd style”!

Look at this antique pipe organ turned computer desk! Those gold frames are computer screens…amazing! And Victrola speakers!

And…here’s virtual tour of an entire Steampunk House where this computer desk lives.

Recently, I started watching the very popular Salvage Dawgs reality show. This successful business salvages old homes and commercial buildings, bringing the orphaned furnishings back to their warehouse to be restored…or converted into a new life.

The description for the show explains their mission in part this way, “Black Dog Salvage (their business name) — bid on homes and buildings condemned to be demolished. Their goal is to secure the remarkable pieces of America’s past hidden inside these old structures before they are lost forever.

Here are two ‘finds’ that amaze me:

Piano turned Piano Bar

Victorian bed frame turned Victorian bench

With this trend, I started a Pinterest board awhile back, collecting images on the topic and called it Vintage Repurposed. You’ll find lots of ideas here, including this chicken feeder turned kitchen organizer!

Better Homes and Gardens

On the very popular discussion forum, I Antique Online, a fellow peer posted an article from Ecommercebytes, What Experts Have to Say on the Collectible Market. This observation really stood out to me, “Prior to the Internet, the collector dominated the trade,” says Rinker. “Today the collector is a minor buyer, with a quarter to one third of all sales. Today 50 percent is bought for decorative purposes – most people buy just because it looks like the rest of their house. There is also a movement toward repurposing – making something different out of something.”

So, what’s in your attic, barn, storage shed or basement that could live again? Hope this article gives you lots of ideas.

By Ellene Meece ~ Grandma's Treasures Online

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Comment by Ellene Meece on February 13, 2016 at 2:11pm

So, I received this link today from my cousin in Texas. She definitely has that creative gene going on! She repurposes vintage hats into exquisite handbags. It's called Hattie Bags. You must check this out!! and here's Hattie Bags Facebook.

Comment by kathleen watson on November 16, 2013 at 8:24am

Nice article....thanks for some great ideas!

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