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Antiques and Collectibles in Boston

Boston is a great American city, rich with colonial history and a treasure trove for any collector.  My mother, grandmother and I travel around to auctions and antique shows all over the country and we find so many great things in the Northeast that we actually have to keep a Boston storage unit for the seasons that we work the New England region.  Though there are great collectibles that find their way out of attics and basements in Massachusetts, Boston is also a great place to find imports from European markets as well. 


Though we collect many different types of items: dishes, vases, jewelry and furniture being the bulk of the business, rare and first edition books are my passion. When I was 15 years old I located a complete edition of Charles Dickens’ novels—in mint condition.  London: Chapman & Hall. 1929 hardcover.  You don’t have to be a bibliophile to know what a find that is.  Avid book collectors over the years have made me offers, but I’ve waited nearly 20 years to find the perfect buyer willing to offer the right price.  Next spring we intend to hit the New England auctions with a load of collectibles and I am thinking seriously about letting these guys go under the gavel. Though it would be imprudent for me to disclose what I paid for them (everything I had plus a phenomenal 1920’s French vase), I will state that the bidding will begin around $7,000.  


If you have a chance to visit the New England shops next season perhaps you’ll run into my beloved Dickens’ collection on some new shelves.  I’m on the hunt for something new to adore and easier to lug around!

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