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Is that empty wall staring you down every time you walk in the room? Well read on, my friend! Here is some inspiration to transform that blank space using a unique collection of antiques.


antique cutting boards

 Images Sources: Crate & Barrel, Zyprezz.blogspotArchitectureArtDesigns, Pinterest

At Ski Country Antiques & Home, we love incorporating elements from the past into modern decorating. Wooden bread boards are a great way to evoke a sense of pastoral beauty and look spot-on in a kitchen or dining room. These antique boards often have a beautiful patina from their years of use that is definitely worth showcasing.

So, how on earth do you style something like antique bread boards? Try using clean, geometric lines to guide your setup and create a grouping of boards. If your kitchen board has a loop at the handle, simply hang the board from a decorative hook. Or try screwing small eye hooks on the back of the board and then hang to create a floating look. You can find more hanging tips here.


Antique mirrors with green background and grey background

Images Sources: Traditional HomeHow To Decorate

Mirrors are a beautiful and easy way to add space, light and style to a room. Using antique mirrors, you can create a collage of ornate frames, colorful patinas, and unique shapes.

Add a mirror above a credenza to focus the room and enhance lighting and space. If you have a collection of antique mirrors of different shapes and sizes, put them together in a mirror cluster for a more bold, stylish take. With mirror clusters we recommend building the layout on the floor first. This lets you experiment with various arrangements to see which style looks best before making a commitment on the wall.

Another lovely approach is to cluster ornate hand-held mirrors to create a quirky accent wall. This works well for smaller wall spaces - like reading nooks and bathrooms. Looking for more mirror decor ideas? Find them here.


antique tin panels 

Images Sources: Cedar Hill Farmhouse, Pinterest

Love the farmhouse look? Add farmhouse flair to your walls by hanging salvaged roof tin panels. The tin and distressed paint adds to the shabby chic feel, making them perfect for the living room, above a staircase, the bathroom, a bedroom - anywhere really.

You can style them by hanging multiple panels in a square or rectangle shape. Or make the panel the star of the room by hanging it alone above a table or couch. Perch it atop the fireplace mantle with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Too many straight lines in the room? Hang it from the corner to change up the shape. Oh, the possibilities!


Wall with collage and decorative mounts 

Images Sources: Country Living, Slimpaley.com

A tried-and-true Ski Country favorite is decorating with antler mounts to create the ultimate “ski chalet” feel. Mounts have always been popular decor elements and it’s no wonder why - they add a lovely element of nature and connection to the outdoors.

We love styling mounts around other complementary art pieces, or hung above a sideboard or fireplace. If you're not a fan of the full head, look for European mounts. These showcase only the antlers and a small part of the skull. 


Antique Skis & snowshoes mounted in criss-cross fashion on wall

Images Sources: The Wicker House, Luxe Source

And now for the obvious! Antique skis, ski poles & snowshoes make excellent wall decor because of their charming history and perfect solution to conquering a lot of wall space. For those who can’t get enough of ski season, they’re a nostalgic reminder of winter all year long.

Skis can be crossed in an “X” to create a more visually engaging focal point, or you can mount each ski as you see fit - horizontal, parallel or on an angle. Hanging poles beside them is a great way to round out the whole look.

Need tips for hanging? Our custom-made wooden wall mounts offer a quick solution and can be purchased in-store. Or use a leather strap to lock in the skis, and then secure the leather to the wall to keep the rustic charm.

Get more ski decor inspiration here.

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