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A few minutes away from working....

Ahhhh, that's a better picture of me. And a typical thing I do each week, get a few minutes to have a laugh and share the comics with my daughters( Samantha and Sophia ). They get the comics first and I get them when they're done.

I work for a woman who does estate sales, and my job is listing the more difficult to sell ( because of the style, or rarity, alot of people wouldn't know an expensive piece of glass, they just know "the price is way too high for me").
I try and find the right market, person, venue to sell in. Very hard to do in this economic climate, I might be going back to shows( at a flea market - for my picture frames and matted prints- or at a craft sale in a tent;bummer, but right now probably a sure way to generate some sales). What can you do, right? We had it good for a long time and now all those kitchen gadgets and corny household items that you couldn't sell enough of are gathering dust. Indiscriminate purchases that people really don't need used to be alot of peoples bread and butter and you have to regroup, think about your inventory and make some hard choices. I like the term "collectible collateral", things that don't lose their value too much.
They say collect what you like, even if you know it's not really that valuable. I have SO many things that I just love to have, and some of it ( some Childrens' books, Mother Goose and Rudyard Kipling, Peanuts, and a few what I think are fun purchases, like my Pachinko machine) is what makes collecting fun, even if it's not particularly profitable. When I am out looking at antiques or whatever I might see at a yard sale or antique sale I am in my groove, much like a child who waits for a new toy at Christmas. I see something and I want to know, what is that? ..and how did it end up here? Having provenance is great but doing the detective work, although hard sometimes, when it pays off , it's like I'm saving this thing from being obscure, or worse, obsolete. And lets face it, we will all be obsolete one day if we join the sheep line and walk away from those things that really inspire us, that curious and creative edge, that childlike trance of the unknown that calls us.....

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Comment by MThoy on February 11, 2009 at 11:39am
.. hold on , let me finish Garfield.
Comment by Moncton Flea Market on February 11, 2009 at 7:07am
Look like a great picture and a great blog. My wife (Georgia) and family have been organizing Flea Markets for 37 years ... and we still love it. Now is a good time to go to Flea Markets as it is a good time to buy. It is also a good time to sell, as more people are going to the markets looking for those good buys. www.MonctonFeaMarket.com

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