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I will just jump right in and start with the amazing alternative health successes I have experienced since my new awaking in the 1980’s. Now remember I mentioned in the last blog my Grandma June and …

I will just jump right in and start with the amazing alternative health successes I have experienced since my new awaking in the 1980’s. Now remember I mentioned in the last blog my Grandma June and the inspiring influence she and on me as a child. She raised me in a healthy environment and fed me a very healthy diet as a child. I believe that her convictions were instilled in me at an early age and I have been chosen to carry on the torch of helping people to create their own healthy lifestyle.

The 80’s began for me with a fresh awareness of the fight for incorporating a healthy lifestyle into my life. My mental health awareness was awakened to a new level of being. In the late 70’s I was so health conscience that I was making my own bread, mayonnaise and soy bean loaves. But somewhere along the way I had begun to entertain a diet that was not true to my convictions and had become a sugar fiend. As a result I developed diabetes in my third pregnancy. Thankfully it was only a pregnancy Diabetes and after I delivered I became Hypoglycemia. I also struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. (Now I know that there is a great product that will address this perfectly.) Neurocalm works great for depression and panic attacks. Find it under NUTRACEUTICALS when you click this link. My throat would close up and I had difficulty swallowing. My neighbor had to come over and make me some tea to get me to calm down. The Doctors strapped me to some machines and a monitor that I had to wear around for a few days on my chest. When it was all said and done they said it was “SRESS” and Hypoglycemia. I didn’t know what to do and neither did the Doctors except to tell me to eat more carbohydrates. Then my little miracle happened. A friend of mine came over and brought me a book by Paavo Airola called “Hypoglycemia a Better Approach”. That was the beginning of a whole new healthy lifestyle for me. This brought great hope and encouraged me with a new healthy minded attitude. As I have said before I have always taken responsibility for creating all my own health solutions. I realized after reading this book that my diet was too high in carbohydrates and sugars (which was the Doctors solution for my hypoglycemia) and this was affecting my insulin levels. My pancreas was not able to balance my blood sugar properly and the extreme insulin levels going up and down were stressing out my heart thus creating the anxiety. Once I adjusted my diet to a high protein diet my health changed drastically for the better. I began to experience some weight loss as a side benefit that I never expected. Now I take a great energy, weigh loss and nutritional drink every day and have lost even more weight. When you get to the weight loss site click on the windows at the bottom for E-7 and enjoy a chocolate shake every morning or lunch as a meal replacement with all the nutrition you need and lose weight. However, I was very pleased because I had always struggled with being overweight.

In my next blog I will talk to you about how I overcame strep throat with NO antibiotics which the doctors always prescribe. I will address the insidious health scare that showed up and how I made the adjustment from prescription drugs and created a life of health wellness through the use of holistic products and alternative health practices. ALOE 7000

Aloe Vera contains at least 6 antiseptic agents. Each of these substances exhibits antimicrobial activity and contribute to Aloe Vera’s infection fighting characteristics. The lupeol, salicylic acid and magnesiumin aloe are very effectiveanalgesics pain killers. Aloe Veracontains a B-linked sugar which has been given the name acemannan.
This is a complex, long-chain sugar-linked acetylated polymannose which is an immunostimulator with feedback inhibition.
Apparently it binds to a receptor site and activates macrophages which are the cells that command and control our immune system. These macrophages in turn synthesize and secrete monokines at the location where the body diseaseoccurs. Monokines include interleukin-1, interferon,prostaglandin-EZ, tumornecrosis factor and colony stimulating factors. In A Nutshell-Tremendous Anti-Disease, Anti-Cancer, Anti-AIDS Aloe are certain fatty acids that are known to have high anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is these that contribute to the treatment of burns, cuts, abrasions, and other dermatological conditions. They are also beneficial in the healing of all types of arthritis, ulcers and other internal afflictions.The nutrientsin aloe are measured in a unit called Mucopolysacharides. Whether used topically or internally the amount of mucopolysacharides are crucial when using Aloe Vera. TO ORDER NOW..... www.integrisdream.com/kathy OR INFO .. www.essential7.us


All of these nutrients working together strengthen the immune system to fight disease-germ killing:virucidal, bacterial, monoliacidal and fungicidal; Pain killing Ability; arthritis, TMJ, athletic injury, burns and ulcers.
Also allergies, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, skin problems, canker sores, CFS, headache,
heartburn, and indigestion, lupis, liver problems, multiple sclorosis, psoriasis...and much more!!

The #1 killer in today is heart disease. Cardiovascular diseases are killing almost 1 million people a year!! People of all ages are affected. How many of you have heard of athletes dying of a heart attack? In this seminar you will learn how to avoid being one of these statistics and much, much more.
The #2 killer in the is Cancer, be it lung Cancer, colon Cancer, breast Cancer or some other type, it is killing over 1,500 people per day old and young alike. Come and learn how you can avoid this killer by applying Dr. Kellis expertise and knowledge!

Of 77,000 nurses surveyed and tested for only 10 nutrients in their body, not one had
even the minimum amount of all 10 nutrients. Since we need approximately 90
nutrients per day to maintain optimal health, do you really believe you are getting all of your needed daily nourishment to protect your body from disease and give you the energy you need?

Have you had your Chocolate Vitamin Shake today? Free samples at
Kathy@eveshealth4life.com or call 1-877582-5897

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