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Quite possibly one of the most easiest types of items to post online and great for a Store inventory. Yet the market has slumped to Pit of Vipers lows. How can we honestly tell someone who has purchased a hummel price guide that they're only going to get 10-20% of the book value?

We usually end up turning the computer screen right to the person in disbelief and showing them how bad the market is and how overinflated the Book Value is. We end up making excuses about their hummels. "Book Value means New In Box" "This has a little crazing so it's not going to sell well."

Just want to get an idea from anyone out there how they might do things differently to maybe get closer to half of book value. Or possibly a way to complain to the makers of the price guide to tell them they are way off.

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Comment by Lost Treasures on December 23, 2007 at 12:11pm
We have specialized in Hummel figurines since 1988. When we get calls or people coming in to sell us the figurines, it usually goes like this:
I'm sorry, but Hummel figurines are no longer collectible. They were a wartime collectible and now that generation is dying off (rephrase if the seller is elderly!) and no new collectors are starting. Unfortunately, this creates an overabundance in supply, with no demand. In this market, if you have a price guide and the book says it is worth $200, drop the final digit - the true wholesale value is $20.
Then they will ask when the prices will go back up.
Reply: I am sorry but my crystal ball is getting the scratches buffed out this week. I don't see Hummels becoming popular again because stores no longer sell them or advertise them, so new collectors don't get exposed to them.
Just tell them like it is, and that you really don't want to buy them because you know how much they probably paid for them. Don't make up excuses, especially the box excuse! - another dealer they go to will make you look like an idiot by laughing at your excuse.

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