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So, I was surfing on the internet and looking around for interesting antiques to purchase. Yes, call me crazy, but this is one of my hobbies that I just love to do! Anyways, I come across this antique phone on an auction site known as eBay. This phone was made by California Electrical Works in San Francisco for Western Electric in 1879. They refer to this phone as a "Western Electric Potbelly Phone". Apparently they call it a "potbelly" phone, because it resembles a potbelly stove... interesting. For about 130 years on it's belt, I'd say this phone is in pretty good shape. I was actually contemplating on whether I should make a bid on it or not. That is, until I saw the price. Don't get me wrong, I love antiques, especially electronic antiques, but this one is just way over my head. A whopping $5,000!!! I'm not an antique expert, but I'm pretty sure that is asking for a little much. Then again antique items are.. well, antique.. and maybe I should be prepared to spend bigger bucks in the future. I guess the sooner I find these antiques, the better, because as time flies by, the prices increase. Anyways, just thought I'd share my little online auction adventure with all of you, and if you haven't already, go to ebay and brows their antique collections. They have plenty of them! Happy Hunting!

Oh yeah! Go ahead to this link and check this antique phone out! If you're richer than me, you can even purchase it!! haha


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