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Metalware - All Things Bright and Beautiful

I love this pretty silver water pitcher made by Silver International Company that I inherited from my mother and grandmother. It adds a sparkly touch to my cozy kitchen.

Metalware represents… “all things bright and beautiful.” Brass, silver and silverplate, gold, and copper…are a few examples of materials used for these “bright and beautiful” collectibles. Cast iron and pewter are examples of rather dull but yet beautiful collectibles. From trays to vases to pitchers to baskets to flatware to tins to functional service items, the hand-made craftsmanship or casting and design of antique and vintage metalware makes for an exciting collection. In fact, the options are endless.

Sterling silver and silverplate are lovely collectibles! For instance, sterling silver makes for the most valuable and collectible jewelry. Navajo handcrafted jewelry is a wearable art investment that is unsurpassed. Also, in silverplate, we offer this very old Sheffield Silverplate Hollowware Tray on pedestal for a shockingly low price!

Discussing the intriguing history of silver-making, 1876 to 1920 noticed a sudden increase of silver production in new regions all over the world, including North America. In fact, the last quarter of the 19th century quadrupled to nearly 120 million troy ounces annually. You can read more about The Rise of North America and the overall History of Silver at 925-1000 website. For more details on silver collecting, you can read my article on this blog: Hobby of the Kings? Silver Collecting.

Lowly aluminum is not only great for recycling, it represents beautiful and highly sought after collectibles - even though at this point they are very affordable. Check out this Aluminum Basket from the 1950’s. Pamela Wiggins tells us in her article “Collectible Aluminum Hammers Out a Niche,” Most hammered aluminum pieces made their way into homes from the 1930s through the 1950s as wedding gifts. Colorful anodized aluminum wares were popular with homemakers through the ’50s and early ’60s. Also, “Rodney Kent sparkling hammered aluminum kitchen wares and serving pieces. Yet to be discovered by mainstream collectors, hammered aluminum is enjoyed by a small cult following. His is most famous for his Tulips pattern. Many pieces are decorated with tulip flower tops or with ribbons and blooming tulips hammered into the design. Rare pieces are beginning to fetch higher auction prices as collectors are just beginning to come under the spell of Rodney Kent.”

Brass is another fun collectible. From instruments to military objects to photo frames and candle holders, vintage brass can bring a handsome price. For something really unusual, Israeliana Brass is a great option. To clarify dating, I’ve heard that the earlier markings on brass objects usually said ‘Palestine’ while later items said ‘Made in Israel’ and even later brass souvenirs have paper labels. In decorative art collectible Israeliana items, we offer this large and beautiful brass vase/pitcher from the 1970’s.

Another big option in metalware collecting is silverplate flatware. I admit, I have only just begun to explore the depths of this topic. But, I am on a search to discover the history of the silverplated flatware that I’ve inherited from my grandmother on my dad’s side. I also have a large assortment of gold flatware that my mother passed on to me that came through her antique and collectible store, probably from the 1970’s and 80’s. Anyone a guru in such?

Grandma’s Treasures Online is having an October Sale on the four metalware collectibles listed - all for half price! A great place to start your collection.

Do you collect anything bright and beautiful? Weigh in here with your comments and let us know your story.

To be able to click on all the links, go to www.collectibletreasuresblog.com.

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