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I was never big on collecting anything as a child. I tried to collect stamps, but it quickly lost my interest. I did enjoy the thrill of getting a new stamp to add to my collection and some of the designs were amazingly beautiful, but I didn’t feel that emotionally connected to the hobby. It wasn’t until my dear neighbor, Ann, fell ill and gave my mother a coin purse full of old U.S. coins she had been collecting.

Her collection had coins from the 1800s and we had never seen any older than the 1940s at the time. She was 89 years old when she passed away in 1999. Since then we have continued to collect U.S. coins as an entire family. We are thinking of expanding our collection to include coins from other countries since finding a few old pesos from Mexico and a few coins from the Netherlands.

I was delighted when I discovered http://www.iantiqueonline.com because I have been searching online for a place to share my collection and blog about them. I think that new collector’s and pros alike enjoy this site a lot. I know that with the introduction of the 50 State Quarter Program that everyone is now a coin collector. The thrill of getting that next newly released quarter is so exciting that even my 7 year-old cousin is a collector! To think that she’ll have a whole collection of 50 coins and it only cost her $12.50.

I was very interested in looking up the values of each coin and last year they were worth around $50 each coin. I think we’ll keep them in the family forever since it’s like owning a little piece of history. I can’t wait to add more to my page and upload images of my coins. I hope to connect with other coin collectors and hear about how they started their collections.

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Comment by Calico, Carol and Bruce on September 21, 2008 at 3:40pm
Hi Steph,
I saw your article on US Coins and I wanted to tell you that my husband has been collecting US coinage since 2005. It is very exciting and I enjoy the challenge of finding that next fun coin to add to our collection. I am a vintage costume jewelry collector and "LOVE" the challenge of finding an awesome unique piece and calling it mine. The best part of all of this is that we both found our hobbies about the same time back in 2005. We started out fresh with his coins collection and I received my mother's large vintage jewelry collection in January of 2004 but didn't get interested until June of 2005 about the time my husband got into collecting coins. Wow... We have had so much fun with each others hobbies. It started out slow and then within a very short period of time (weeks), somehow you become totally absorbed in our these fun and exciting hobbies. Nice visiting with you. Hope to visit again later. Carol Gray

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