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PCGS Coin Grading and Collectable Coin values.

We got in a load of Mints, Proofs, and Commemorative Coin Sets. What I'm wondering is whether or not PCGS Coin Grading for Coins tabbed by the US Mint Certified is necessary. What is more valuable in the grading process? US Mint certification seems more practical, but some of the certified coins are easy to pop out of their protective cases. With PCGS tabbing it’s easy to see an opened or tampered coin. Has anyone had any experience in this, and is one better than the other in regards to overall value. For example: If I take a Mint set from 1960, take the coins carefully out of the plastic packaging and send them to PCGS and lets say they all grade a 60, Is the original Mint set in package worth more, or the graded coins?

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Comment by The ECoin Forum on January 24, 2009 at 12:59am

Dear Fellow Coin Collector

You bring many important points about this hobby. I won't say you should not buy raw coins but you carry alot of risk for fraud, overpaying and buying a "cleaned coin." First, "certified" coins that are "graded" and "slabbed" coins are better than non-graded and "raw" coins.

First, "slabs" are protective holders in which a coin is encapsulated by a grading service. Second, these coins have a certificate which a certification company authenticates and grades the coins on a 1 - 70 point scale.

Certified Coins are better for the Coin Collector and the Coin Market. These coins reduce your risk that you buy a fake coin and allows you to know the state of preservation about the coin.

However, all MS65, known as investment grade, Gold Double Eagles are not the same. One MS65 Coin can have ugly toning, another MS65 could have prooflike qualities. Buy Mint State Coins from reputable coin grading services only.

PCGS, NGC are 1st Tier
ICG, ANACS are 2nd Tier.

Again, I won't say you should not buy raw coins but you carry alot of risk! Review the coins in person if possible. If buying on Ebay carefully review the pictures online for every speck, ask questions. Check Seller Feedback too, read comments carefully, sellers should have close 100% Positive Feedback.

When buying raw coins online, discount heavily the prices assume the coin is circulated and not mint state and if you have any hunch that this is a deceitful seller online run away fast. Sellers from outside the USA, low feedback, no feedback or poor feedback should be questioned and avoided. A listing that looks too good to be true is a red flag.

Generally I buy Mint State coins that are properly graded. Even if they say the Raw Coin is MS, I buy at circulated, common date and melt value prices. And always buy from trusted sellers.

Good Luck!
Dom, the Coin Advisor!
Comment by Glenn Freeman on May 9, 2008 at 9:25am
It has been my experience that coins from the mint in the original package are worth more than breaking them out and have them graded individually. There is a cost to have coins graded by an independent grading company as well. I have been conducting coin auctions for over 25 years @ my auction gallery. Please feel free to look @ my catalog for my coin auction on May 18th.
Hope this helps.

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