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Antiques Furniture I just need to vent.

Okay, I just fielded the 5th call of the day in regards to someones antique furniture, dresser, cabinet, whatever. That's 5 different customers in one day who didn't have anything else to sell to make us interested to even go out and look and spend $3.50 a gallon to get out there just to tell them it's not something we're interested in. Yes I know you paid $200 for it 50 years ago. But, that's the problem, It's not antique. 100 years. That's the definition for antique. Check the encyclopedia! What you have is used furniture. Does it have a good manufacturers lable on it? Heywood Wakefield? Hitchcock? Pennsylvania House? All of these names we would be interested in! I had a lady have the audacity to tell me that the term "Very Old" was about 30 years. Sorry, ask any 50 year old out there if they would like to be called "Very Old" and you'll get smacked accross the head! Pump some advertising money into the local newspaper. Just try and ask for $500 and you will get laughed at.

In the middle of writing this I had customer come in with "Antique Rocking Chairs", or that's what he said. He was wondering why I wasn't interested. I told them that I would pass on these at a live auction for $5. I'm really getting tired of the traffic here. It probably ties into one of my lasts blogs.

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