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If you can't figure out by the title, I've got a little beef with Free Online Appraisal services. First of all, there is no such thing as free. Many of these sites out there simply compile Email addresses and just sell them off to the highest Spam dealer. Now, putting the illegitamit online businesses aside, those businesses out there should reapproach the Free Apprasial process. It's an inspection of sorts. If you share info or answer info for free, the business gets nothing and the customer gets the ability to sell or insure that item on their own. Secondly, How can you properly appraise an item without it in front of you. Someone actually came into the store during tax season and asked us for an official written appraisal of an item he no longer owned so that he could take a bigger tax deduction. Is it just me or is that fraud? In short, if your a customer don't waste your time online for "free" because it will just cause problems. As a business, please tell me other than utilizing it as a traffic ploy, what the reason is for this service?

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