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Rare 1919 Series pin to auction



CINCINNATI -- The late, great Cincinnati Red Jake Daubert's 1919 World Championship pin, forerunner to today's World Series rings, is going up for auction.

It is only the fourth 1919 pin to come to light. And it has cast a fresh glow on the former Reds first baseman.



 Cincinnati Red Jake Daubert's 1919 World Championship pin, forerunner to today's World Series rings, is going up for auction.


Daubert's 1919 pin goes up for auction in April, and is expected to fetch upwards of $17,000.



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Antique shoppers look for history, stories behind pieces


There are reasons some people would rather browse through an antique show


 than go to a store with all-new merchandise.

To me its, what is the story on this piece, read more here


More on blogging and surfing about…


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Green Bay Packers Items Put Up for Sale on EBay After Super Bowl Victory

Here is my Plug for the Packers, Yes I am a Cheese Head :)


EBAY INC.had 60,092 Packers items offered for sale a day after Green Bay defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in the Super Bowl.

The highest-priced piece on the online auction site was Willie Wood’s 1989 National Football League Hall of Fame induction ring, listed at $2.75 million. Wood, 74, was a free safety for the Packers in 1960-1971, playing in…


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Quick Poll Shows Sellers Split on IRS Reporting Requirement ..........



AuctionBytes kicked off a new Quick Poll feature on Facebook, an informal look at issues of interest to online sellers. Last week, we polled readers on the law requiring PayPal and payment processors to report transactions to the IRS, and this week



Click here to read the rest of…


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Seniors Get Advice from Antiques Pro

A Chicago antique expert is in the valley today, hunting for old treasures at a senior center. Did he find anything of value?

Gary Piattoni knows antiques. He's on PBS' Antiques Roadshow, has appeared on Oprah, and is a former Christie's Auction House specialist.

To see what Gary has to say click here fox news




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Antiques & Collectibles: Dust might be obscuring a valuable item

The new year brings with it permission to try new things that you hadn't considered before. This can also be a time to discard and sell some of those dusty collectibles. In today’s market..........

Click here for more http://www.postbulletin.com/news/stories/display.php?id=1443254



Stop on in and say hi…


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Properly displayed art will bring years of enjoyment

One of the biggest investments you probably have made, other than your home, is the objects that decorate your home. The works of art and furniture in your home are valuable objects and protecting them is just as important as protecting any other asset. The single most common way to ruin a work of art or damage an antique treasure is to ..........to see more click here http://t.co/eBUXrFd via @MercuryX

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Sculpture proves old doesn't equal antique

When it comes to antiques, it's clear that things are not always what they appear to be. Such was the case with an impressive looking piece of sculpture brought in to DuMouchelle's Art Galleries by Kathleen Jarzynski of Rochester Hills.

From The Detroit News:… Continue

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Changing times at antique shows

When times change, the antique industry is usually the last to know. It's a business model grounded in the past.

But even antiques are subject to trends, and the industry is facing an identity crisis as buyer whims shift from Victorian sculptures to vintage sunglasses.

To read more click here  http://goo.gl/mj2Ni

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One Way to Boost State Coffers: Sell on eBay

The state is selling surplus goods from state agencies - everything from vending machines to commercial equipment to computers to scrap metal - on an eBay user page.To read more click here......Anyone need a Vending Machine :)



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Using Twitter To Monitor Your Online Business Reputation

If you twitter you will want to know this.
As any online seller worth their salt knows, reputation is everything. In fact I would argue that your online reputation is even more important than your offline one because your online business is visible to a global audience of potentially hundreds of millions of people.

Here is how ...http://bit.ly/eHgydw

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eBay US Marketplaces GMV Grows 5% in Fourth Quarter

eBay revenue was up 5% year over year both for the fourth quarter and for the full year 2010. Profits were up 24%.

To read more click here


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eBay Sellers Get Partial Reimbursement in Lawsuit Settlement

Brice Yingling and Andy Scott sued eBay in 2009 over the fees they were charged for selling on eBay Motors Parts & Accessories. The Court granted their motion for class certification in July, 2010, which was critical to their case.

According to their complaint.

To read more of this click here http://bit.ly/eIhZM1

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87% Increase in Unique Visitors Reported for Fourth-Quarter by LiveAuctioneers.com

NEW YORK (LAPRS)– LiveAuctioneers.com, the Manhattan-based Internet company that provides an online live-bidding platform and related support services to more than 1,000 auction houses worldwide, has released fourth-quarter 2010 statistics .




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