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Military Collectables

Here at AC Silver we have a large collection of military collectables, ranging from brooches and charms to silver vases and large scale presentation trophies.

Items related to military service are highly collectable for many reasons; one of them simply being that such a high percentage of people have an affinity or connection to the military or to…


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Silver Smoking Accessories

Here at AC Silver, we are certainly not in the business of encouraging anyone to smoke, however we know that many of our customers enjoy antique items which are unusual, quirky and reminiscent of a bygone era. Our selection of silver smoking accessories certainly fit the bill.

Some of you may or may not even enjoy a cigar, or know of…


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How to Clean a Diamond Ring

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

There are many old wives’ tales regarding the best way to make a diamond sparkle, and how to clean rings in particular – which attract lots of dust and debris from being worn on the hand, and are usually worn more often than other items of jewellery. Especially diamond solitaire rings, as these are often worn as engagement rings and are…


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What is an Armada Dish?

The word armada comes from the Portuguese and Spanish word for naval fleet. Fleet meaning a large formation of warships, at sea the direct equivalent is an army on land.

You’re probably wondering how this translation ‘naval fleet’ links to a silver dish? Good question, well the relevance to these silver dishes today is in fact the history hidden behind them.…


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How Will You Wear Your Antique Brooch?

The brooch in definitely not a thing of the past, here at AC Silver we are determined to show you how to make the most of yours.

Royal Glamour

The most famous brooch wearer in Britain has got to be Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Yet again she did us proud on a recent visit to Ireland in 2011, where no day was complete without a new brooch.  It seems that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is…


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