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Antique Textiles ~ Fabrics ~ Lace ~ Trims

Early needlework was an artistry & talent. Young girls were trained and schooled at an early age in needlework technique and design.  The very task of creating fabric began with the production of ones own raw materials.  For those who have an appreciation for the artistry of sewing & the early…


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Vintage Touch Antique Business & Related Business Topics

For those who like to read about the business operation of others, as well as interesting topics that pertain to the antique & collectible business, you are invited to read my blog.  At the top of the main page of my blog, you will see topic tabs where you can click and go to a related topic.  The home page of my blog is devoted to my Vintage Touch ONLINE business with various promotional tools that I have used and useful information.  I…


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Vintage Touch ~ History of My Business & Business Tips

Vintage Touch ~ The History of My Business

Vintage Touch was born because of my attraction to antiques, and has evolved over the years into an exciting, creative and interesting business.  I enjoy rescuing the relics from the past and placing them in the hands of a…


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Getting Widgets to advance and clickable individual photos.

I've used the embedded widget codes from my selling site at eCrater for awhile now.  I've never been able to get the individual photos to become clickable so people can click on them and go to that item on ecrater.  Also, the widgets have advance arrows that use to work but now they don't.  I use these widgets on blogs and other places and they work just fine but not on IAO.  Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong.  My IAO page is:…


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Antiques - Good Economic Choice for Home Decor

May I suggest in these tough economic times, that you consider the investment opportunity of furnishing and decorating your homes with the addition of antiques and collectibles? Antiques and collectibles are not always pricey and out of range for the buyer.  In fact, you will not only find many bargains but better quality, and the best part of all is, what…


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Collecting Antiques - It's More than an Accumulation of Stuff!

Collecting antiques can be a super fun hobby and there are many of us who do it.  Some, however, may consider the collector to be an accumulator of junk.  Some collectors may consider the hobby to be that as well.  So as a passionate antique collector, dealer, and decorating enthusiast, I would like to share my thoughts on this subject.…


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Non Conventional ANTIQUE Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are a tradition that most of us enjoy and those of us whose childhood is in the past, probably have a happy memory of a…


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Antique Recylers!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Antique Recyclers!

When was the last time you…

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Dressed for Success mean Antiques?

We've probably all heard the phrase, he or she is "dressed for success".  When we hear this, not many of us envision someone in torn pants and a paint shirt.  Instead, we see someone dressed nicely to make a positive impression on the public.  May I suggest that the same thing holds true of antiques? 

As antique dealers, purchasing antique merchandise for resale is a very necessary aspect of the business, but certainly by no means should this be ALL.  The same thing that holds true…


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How to Choose an Antique Gift!

Most of us have heard that antiques are precious, antiques are valuable, or antiques have historical significance. The fact of the matter is, however, not everyone is an antique lover! So if you are an antique enthusiast and would like to give antiques as gifts for your otherwise ‘not so inclined’ family or friends, allow me to offer some suggestions.

Nearly everyone…


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Antiques Stimulate Historical Interest

I never much cared for history when I was in school....seemed like a bunch of dry facts that I had to memorize, but that has all changed and now I cannot get enough of history. What made the difference? In one word ANTIQUES! When I picked up my first antique and realized this one single piece of 'whatever' had a story and a history, and once I did a little research and read about the period in which it existed, I discovered a fascinating adventure over and over again. May I…


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Antique Mall Etiquette

Hello everyone...I'm an antique dealer that sells antiques, as one of many dealers, in a large antique mall. The reason for my blog is not to be unkind or critical to our valued customers, but to educate shoppers to respect the various dealers and realize that all the items in these malls, are not owned by the same person. Think of an antique mall as you would think of a normal shopping mall....a large mall with many shops under the same roof. Within the antique mall, is the same…


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For all those people out there looking for a promising affordable way to sell some of your merchandise online, may I suggest This is a free online site (no monthly fee, no listing or selling fees) that allows the seller to sell as many items as you wish. You are permitted to add 6 photos of any item. The piece stays online for sale until you remove it or it is sold. You can also put a widget link of your products in other venues and in blogs to promote your store. If you need to…


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Antiques at Halloween Time

It's time to grab your antique Halloween pieces and create a display that will be unique and eye catching. You can add to your antique Halloween pieces, other Halloween related pieces such as cats, owls, anything with a pumpkin, and much more. Just be creative and allow yourself to create a display that is unlike the typical Halloween decoration. The antique shops are a good source for early holiday pieces, so get out there and search for those one of kind pieces.…


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Price Reductions Album at VINTAGE TOUCH Shop Space (code DRM) Located in Antique Crossroads, Hagerstown, MD.

For those of you who follow me (VINTAGE TOUCH) and shop my space (code DRM) located in Antique Crossroads, Hagerstown, MD., I would like to announce that I now have on 'my page' a REDUCED PRICES ALBUM designated for marked down/reduced items that are featured in my listings. All of these pieces are currently on display in my shop space (code DRM) located in Antique Crossroads, Hagerstown, MD unless otherwise noted. A number of these items are featured…


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Collecting & Decorating Is Very Good

Collecting is good! Collecting and decorating is very good! For all of you who love to decorate and strive to create attractive and unique spaces, may I take a minute to remind everyone that when you are searching (and we always are) for that perfect piece to put on that stand in the corner beside that wonderful chair that we just bought.....that you always consider an antique or vintage collectible first. For several reasons, you will be making a very sensible choice as well as a unique…


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