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Jeff Guy
  • Male
  • Cambridge, MA
  • United States
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Jeff Guy's Page

Latest Activity

Jeff Guy replied to BikerBonnie's discussion Can anyone tell me about this carving? in the group Whadja Find Today
"Really doesn't look like wood. Start by figuring out what it is made of - much easier for you (touch, scrape, poke, examine up close) than it is from pics."
Jeff Guy replied to Victoria Rutherford's discussion cast iron METAL asian chinese japanese vase ? in the group Whadja Find Today
"Iron seems unlikely, but easy to test - if iron a magnet will stick to it. I would guess some sort of tin based metal like pewter, with artificial coating to make it look like aged bronze patina. Recent (late 20th century) reproduction."
Dec 31, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Sara Michie's discussion Vintage Lafayette Clarinet in the group Whadja Find Today
"Start at the beginning. What is it made of - wood, hard rubber or plastic?"
Dec 12, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Rochelle's discussion Vintage drinking glass in the group Whadja Find Today
"The best way to access old glassware is to look at the foot, so you would need additional pics. My sense is that the sides are too straight and thick, so it is not hand-blown. The decoration also does not look very early to me. My guess would be…"
Dec 5, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Jennifer Morton's discussion Brass candelabra in the group Whadja Find Today
"Don't look to me to have great age. Do look to be made of tarnished cast brass. I would guess made in India early to mid 20th century, possibly some other far/middle/near eastern country. If the candle cups safely unscrew you can examine…"
Dec 5, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Rochelle's discussion Vintage drinking glass in the group Whadja Find Today
"This is not some other example, it is the OP glass in the second photo. So it is another view of the same glass that is being asked about in this thread."
Dec 4, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Kathleen Novasack's discussion Cast Iron Stove in the group Whadja Find Today
"Either that or a raging fire. Amazing how few safety features were built into consumer devices back in the day. Even mid-20th century stuff..."
Nov 27, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Beverly Frick's discussion 6" lady bells - ornate skirts tarnish resistant Japan in the group Whadja Find Today
"You didn't show the sticker. From what you did show, these are silver-plated bells from Japan, factory made in 20th century, probably 1970's/80's or so. The rings on the top are to pick them up, you don't slide them on your…"
Nov 27, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Molly's discussion Old straight back farm chair in the group Whadja Find Today
"Bamboo turnings are the small rings in the turnings of the spindles, stretchers and legs, and as you said your OP picture does not have those. Windsor chair styles evolved over time with the turnings becoming more and more simplified. Earlier…"
Nov 20, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Molly's discussion Old straight back farm chair in the group Whadja Find Today
"19th century factory made chair, probably New England. Originally had paint, probably black with fancy highlights. Hitchcock was one of the companies making similar chairs, but there were many companies. Probably mid 1800s, 1850-1880 would be my…"
Nov 18, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to S.B. Buie's discussion Identification of primitive metal molds or ornaments? in the group Whadja Find Today
"I think these might be decorative only, an art project embossing metal? Thin metal so wouldn't have been used industrially. Even for home use I can't see chocolate (or any food) staying together if trying to fill the figure with chocolate…"
Nov 16, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Molly's discussion MARDI GRAS 1985 in the group Whadja Find Today
"I don't know this guy, but I would presume he is a New Orleans artist who started issuing a distinct poster every year for Mardis Gras, and it was popular enough to continue for a number of years (he died in 2000). The only auction result from…"
Nov 11, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Rochelle's discussion Carved pumice figure any advice please in the group Whadja Find Today
"I think it is a tourist carving for visitors to Celafu Italy. Middle line looks like "incazio a mano" - carved by hand, "Celafu" as you already saw. If you can figure out the top and bottom line (maybe a signature or description)…"
Nov 9, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Rochelle's discussion Identify my pottery possibly Acoma Pueblo Native American Indian in the group Whadja Find Today
"Nice find, Molly! Can I ask how you found it?"
Nov 8, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to BikerBonnie's discussion Can anyone tell me this Mark on small dish please in the group Whadja Find Today
"I agree, LB. I have seen that overstrike on reproduction ware also."
Oct 24, 2018
Jeff Guy replied to Jeff Guy's discussion Discussion Search is broken! in the group Whadja Find Today
"Thank you Michael, that is exactly what I needed to know!! That is exactly what I was looking for!! With that information, it was easy to find the post I was looking for. (Thanks also Molly, it sounds like you found it too, but I never got word that…"
Oct 24, 2018

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Very longtime collector. Lots of experience with furniture and wood items and metals (silver, brass, pewter, iron). Trying to learn about glass and ceramics.
Tell us about your interest in antiques, collecting and any antique related websites, blogs, businesses.
Lots of experience buying, occasionally selling, antique and vintage.
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At 4:15pm on March 16, 2017, bill gilsrud said…

so your view is theres no antiqe value ? thanks 

At 3:17pm on August 14, 2013, Heidi Pink said…

I hear ya about figuring all this stuff out :) I sent you a friend request and think we need to be friends LoL so I can send you a message :) I would love to chat with you about this plate and what I'm learning :) All the best!

At 5:13am on July 30, 2013, kathy park said…


A very big welcome to our terrific site, we hope that you get involved in many of our groups, and post some photos of your collection(s) etc with the information on yourself already on your page. When you get comfortable here please would you add an avatar picture and feel free to customize your profile page, to make it more you (easy templates provided)

Then you can start exploring the site and join as many groups as you like, let us know your interests and we can point you in the right direction as to which groups to join, if you only want specific topics. Invite some friends from the group, this is very easy and we have such a great group of people, write an article or make an announcement on our  http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/forum  (found on the main page) or post in any of the specialty group forums. Be sure to visit  Whadja Find  (tell others what you found remember to read how to post the photo’s correctly not links and add a detailed description to enable the others to give help easier). Visit the Sell My Antiques Group (where you can sell antiques, collectibles, art etc,  should you wish to sell an item) By the way....each group has its own forum and also a comment wall (like a bulletin board). Forums help keep the threads (topics) organized. You are always welcome to start a new forum in any group. The Main forum is for general announcements for the whole community. If you need further help click on the  Help Desk button at the top of your page. This feature provides answers to frequently asked questions and other tips, suggestions and information.  Should you get stuck on technical matters or need to report an issue use the "Report an Issue" button on the very bottom of your page. Please tell your friends not already on the site about us. You can invite new members by clicking on the invite button on the top of you page,

Enjoy, make friends and look forward to your discussions and posts.

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