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1926-1927 Schick Type A Magazine Repeating Razor W Blades 1

1926-1927 Schick Type A Magazine Repeating Razor W Blades 1

1926-1927 Schick Type A Magazine Repeating Razor W Blades 1
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Cylindrical body with folding head SCHICK Type A (1926-1927):

Here we have a 1926 Schick Magazine Repeating Razor Type A. The razor head is made of brass and folds down to fit under a top cap. The cylinder shaped container is made of aluminum and shows Almost No Wear as does the razor head (please see the pictures.) Included is an Original brass canister, stamped Schick on the top, which goes with this set, it has a new set of 20 Schick Single Edge Razor Blades, along with the directions (photocopied from the original) and the frame that holds the blades. I would have to say that this safety razor is in Excellent Vintage Condition. Since the inception of the Schick Razor Corporation they have never changed their single edge blades, so blades from 1926 are the same as the single edge razor blades sold today.

The repeating razor was the forerunner of the injector that we now know. It held the blades in the handle and had an interesting reloading mechanism. To change the blade, one would turn the shaving head (so it aligned with the handle) and cycle the base of the handle (a small "knob") back and forth. This razor would look great in a collection but can also be used as a daily shaver, you're not going to find many of these "TRAVELING SALESMAN RAZORS" so you better snap this one up soon before it's gone. Please be sure to see the pictures I've posted on YouTube and Blogger

Schick 1926-1927 Type A Magazine Repeating Razor
Manufacturer: Schick
Dates in Production: 1926-1927
Type: Magazine Repeating Razor
Description: Metal tube-like handle with a vented cap

Notes of Interest: The very first razor made by The Magazine Repeating Razor Co. Single-edge razors use a (disposable) razor blade with only one shaving surface, unlike double-edged blades that have two cutting surfaces. Razors of this type were predominantly manufactured by the American Safety Razor Company and by the Schick/Eversharp (currently owned by Energizer) brand. Though shavers usually draw at least a modest distinction between injectors and
SE razors, both use (non-interchangeable) single-edged disposable razor blades. Though cartridge blades are technically single-edged, their use in a cartridge often together with more than one blade generally eliminates them from the category of "single-edge" razors.

Company Info:
Schick is a US brand established in 1925 by Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick.

Price $175.00
Shipping and Handling USPS First Class $4.00 USA
Shipping and Handling Worldwide USPS First Class International Calculated by Location. International shipping requires insurance $3.50

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