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Comment by Michael 16 hours ago

Not a Lion and a bird, two lions, both have long tails and a mane.  One creatures' design is basically a mirror of the other.  Therefore, not Noah as there weren't two lions on the Ark.

The text shown on the Hanseatic Seals is in German, the font style is also extremely similar to that shown on Darren's item.  I'm still not saying this is in fact what Darren's item is, just that the language is not Cyrillic, Herbew, Greek and as for Phoenician, well, I'm not that familiar with the evolution of their alphabet, but from what I've seen, it doesn't look like that to me either.

Of course, I may still be wrong about it, I really wish Darren would reply with further information as to what the back looks like, close up photos, straighter on, better lighting to enhance the pattern and lettering etc...

Comment by Susan Simpson on Thursday

I have had this for a while, and yes, I think I got it at my local Goodwill.   I recently tried finding another one online, just to get some information, if any.   Could not find it.   I originally thought it was glass, but maybe it is some sort of resin, or something.  Just curious if anyone might know anything about it.   Pink flamingo glass (?) hinged trinket box.   Thanks!

Comment by tomsantiquesetcetera on Wednesday

No sail...looks like Noah's Ark to me. Animals on both sides of bearded man (lion and bird) affirm.  Don't recognize the words. Maybe (if it's the Ark) Hebrew, Greek, Phoenician or Cyrillic Greek Orthodox.

Comment by Michael on Wednesday

Hi Darren, haven't heard back from you yet... so thought I'd just quickly offer my suggestion here anyway.  Click on the links for more info

It could be a Hanseatic League for someone, examples following.

The Seal of Bergen, Norway (Below)

or Hanseatic Seal of Stralsund (Below)

Siegel Stralsund 1329.preview

Hanseatic Seal of Elbing (below) couldn't find a photo of their actual seal, just the drawing.

Siegel Elbing 1350

Comment by C. Dianne Zweig Editor's Desk on Tuesday

Did you join our FB group yet?

Comment by Michael on Monday

Comment by darren densley on January 14, 2018 at 9:14am

Hi can anyone tell me what this is please ???

Comment by Molly on January 12, 2018 at 9:43pm

Hey, Michael!  I think I did what you said because I was able to copy and paste again!

(Not that this image below has any relevance, but...)


Thanks for the tips you guys

Comment by Molly on January 12, 2018 at 9:41pm

Image result for gold egyptian goddess bust with diamond eyes and headband PENDANT

Comment by tomsantiquesetcetera on January 12, 2018 at 11:55am

Amie Deal and Mrs K.  The comment wall is for day-to-day conversations.  IT IS NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION & EVALUATION.

DIRECTLY above the Comment Wall you will see "+Add a Discussion".  Click on that and put your comments, pictures and replies there.

US Patent #48340 is for an improvement to a gas range dtd 1865. It could be from a different country.

Goats head pendant, Maybe LA Rams 1946-1995 or 2015-2018; or St Louis Rams 1995-2015? Could be 18k plated; have a jeweler test it.


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