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Howdy folks, 

Can anyone tell me why there is a hole in the bottom of this bowl?

Any idea on the age or origin?

10" diameter, 6" height with lid on. Fairly large. 

Can not figure this one out. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Perhaps it was made to sit within another bowl or stand and held iced food, with the melted ice able to drain through the hole.

A food application is what it is probably intended for, but I was thinking a wash basin or urinal of some sort?

Your pics suggest to me that this in only a part of the object - as Jeremy and Jesse suggest.  Is it stable? Your third pic makes it appear (to me) that it is resting on the edges of the hole.  Is there wear on the rim or anywhere else? If it is old and has had use, I would expect it might show some sign of wear either around the hole or on the underside of the rim - which would give a clue as to how it was used.

butter  dish   ice would keep the butter cold


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