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What year is this Murano label from?

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Is that a paperweight? Your label looks more like a shipping label rather than a "Murano" glass label. Any printer or computer could make it. In the following link there are a couple similar mailing/shipping labels but they have Italian names on them.  Your label says SEND to Murano.  I think somebody removed your label and re-glued it to your whatever.  Here are a whole bunch of labels.  Dating it is impossible, at least for me.;_ylt=AwrTcdYO4k5WRrAAKbM...

Thank you for the great information I did find another item with the same label and what looks like the same handwriting.


Hi Tom:)

As always I look forward to hearing from you:)

It is a trinket jar, I seen a teapot on another web site with the same label they have it dated as 1920's, the first number or letter looks like the same writing.

Here is a picture


I did check out google images before I came here to the Pro's:)

I would differ from AR8 on the age.  Obviously he didn't do his homework.  If he had he would have discovered that Marina and Susanna Sent didn't open their glass shop until 1990-1993.  Fact is, neither young lady was even working when AR8 said they made your item (1950s to 1970s). Marina was born in 1955, Susanna in 1963. Both attended college; Marina received architecture degree in 1980, and went to work for her father in his glass factory. Susanna joined firm in "mid 1980s".

quote:  "See the attribution of maker below and maybe they can tell you how to find the one that possess (sic) the book today for further information."

What attribution are you (AR8) talking about?  I think you forgot it.

The sisters personal website is:  ("e" is "and" in Italian). Maybe they can tell you who made it, or who possesses the book today.

I suspect that if it's as old as some people think that it was probably made by their father, whose name is probably  "Sent" too.  I cannot find any reference to him or his company.

AR8, that's how we discover things.  But guessing (which is what you are doing) isn't good research.

I said I couldn't find any information on Mr.Sent, their father or his business.  For you to criticize me is dumb. It appears that you can't find anything about him either, hence the gobblely gook and guess work.  PROVIDE FACTS, not guesses.

Turn two sailor boy. Why do you hide behind a Navy ship (USS Jason, AR-8) and a dead turncoat, traitor (Robt E. Lee)? Are you ashamed of your own image and name?

Tom, I have no idea why AR8 shows the pic that he shows, but I do not show my pic, nor my complete educational background, nor lots of other things.  I am NOT ashamed; I simply do not believe it is the business of most of the world at large. 

A "Masonic Penny" is, as you said, what coin and token dealers call them.

The Masons do not call them that; they call them a Ram. Royal Arch Mason.

A Masonic Penny is a real penny that has been stamped/engraved with the Masonic emblem on it.  Look on YAHOO images for examples. You will find many pennies, USA and other countries too.  AND you will see examples of RAMS mixed in.

I quit typing because what you say bores me, and others.  You act like a little kid.  You keep dredging up past samples of "you're right and I'm wrong" as though it makes you look brilliant and intelligent.  It actually makes you look ignorant and dumb.

As for the fruit knife, it is not silver as you say.  Pure silver (.999 fine) is too weak to use as a knife.

It is Sterling silver. 92.5% pure silver, 7.5% copper and iron which gives it the strength needed for a knife blade. Sometimes germanium is added to it which prevents tarnishing.

As for Parroting that happens all the time. You copy what I say, I copy what you say; somebody posts a link, I open and read their post, I add to it or detract from it.  Often researchers stop too soon and  don't read enough. Sometimes we jump to conclusions and get off the track.

It's all part of the discussion process that solves the daily mysteries of  "Please Help, what is this I found?"

Your idol, Robert E. Lee, graduated from West Point and took an Oath to defend the US Constitution.  He quit his post in time of war and became a traitor. Like the "stars and bars" (Confederate flag) his picture is synonymous with slavery and is a reminder of  a dark spot in our nation's history.

Mr. Etcetera, I like that! Kind of catchy.  Did you know that is Latin for "and others or other stuff"?   Et Ux is "and wife"  Et Al is "and other people".

I told you before that my son is the Administrator of this computer. I used to have Google, and the icon is still on my Windows page, but when I use it Yahoo comes up.  I prefer Google over Yahoo but have no way of using it.  If you use Google and I use Yahoo we should pretty much cover all bases.  Anybody use "Bing"?

I hope you're not making fun of me; I do wear glasses and you somehow seem to think I have "famously poor eyesight". 


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