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What year is this Murano label from?

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I saw the youthful looking, bald headed, Cesare Sent and his amber colored glass beaded necklace and determined that he had nothing to do with the posted object and so didn't waste my time mentioning him.

Stop guessing and tell us the father's and grandfather's names, and the name of their business. You said you "guessed" they made it...prove it!  Guessing is of little use.

You said it was made by the Sent sisters; you were wrong and I proved that.  I suggested it was made by their father and you agree, even now suggesting it might have been the grandfathers.  But it wasn't Cesare; you're wrong on that too.

My last name is shown on my Members page.

Whether I use Yahoo or Google doesn't matter. BTW I posted the marinaesusanna link 2 days ago. 

But like I say this is how discovery is made.  Friendly debates. You were absolutely correct about the silver knife blade. You've tossed that in my face 3-4 times since then.  That just shows your poor attitude and character. When I learn something new, I put it into my memory and use it in the future.  I was your student and now you're bawling me out for using the info that I learned...

When you read my link to the Sent sisters I bet you opened it and read the bio which lead you to other areas of discovery.  When I'm wrong I admit it; when you're wrong you deny it, or ignore it.

How many times now have you pointed out that I said "Send to Murano" when it said Sent Murano?  Around 5 or 6 times.  What do you want, or better yet, what does it matter?

Sorry for the big hoopla.


I emailed the Sent sisters yesterday and requested some history on their Glass Co. 

They replied: 

Buonasera ,
Si tratta di una piccola scatoletta in vetro prodotta dalla ditta Guglielmo Sent .  Il decoro e' a smalto  .  È' un articolo che si produceva negli anni  1960/ 70
Restiamo a sua disposizione .
Cordialmente .
Marina e Susanna Sent

Inviato da iPhone 


Good evening , It is a small box in the glass produced by the firm  Guglielmo Sent. 
The decor and enamel . it a product that was produce
in the years 1960/70 We are at your
Sincerely .
Marina and Susanna Sent
Sent by iPhone

Marina was age 5 in 1960; Susanna wasn't born yet (1963). Obviously it wasn't made by the Sent sisters as some knowledgeable person said.

Your translation missed a very important sentence... "Guglielmo Sent".  Guglielmo is a man's name, William, I think, probably their father or some other relative.

Guillermo is Spanish for William.

I see AR8 is taking credit for providing Marina's email address, but it was I who submitted it a day or two before him. He just copied me and resubmitted it.

Fortunately people like me exist, otherwise people like you Julie might be mislead by people like AR8. He originally said it was made by the Sent sisters. Marina was 5 years old in 1960 and Susanna wasn't yet born...

Neither one of you caught the proper translation of Marina's email note.  It states it was made by Guglielmo Sent.

Guglielmo was Cesare's grandfather who opened the business in 1923. He would've been around 57 in 1960, or 67 in 1970 when Marina said it was made.

It was successful due to the information you gave me on the Sent sister's, I was surprised on how fast they responded to my email.

 Once again Thank You.



This is Marina's email address; I posted it 2 days ago.  It was to this address that Julie sent her letter and thanked you and you acknowledged it.  Now you deny it.

You're just like Hillary Clinton, flip flop, flip flop

Your answer infers that it was made by the SENT Studio. The Sent sisters Susanna and Marina Sent have branched out...   Anybody reading your answer would think that you are saying it was made by the sisters.  You also attributed it to the sisters, when you said "maybe they can..."  "they" is plural meaning you were speaking of the sisters and not Cesare or some other person.

ONLY AFTER I INFORMED YOU THAT THEY WERE 5 AND 0 (UNBORN) did you start saying it was by their father, or Cesare, or their grandfather, which is also what I suggested 2-3 days earlier, excepting Cesare.

I even asked you who their father was (you ignored me), what the business name was/is (you ignored me) or their grandfather's name (you ignored me).

Now that I've identified their grandfather, Guglielmo Sent, and 1923 as the starting date of his business, you'll come up with some tidbit developed from my input. WHICH IS FINE WITH ME.  I DON'T OWN THE INFO. I POSTED IT FOR YOU OR ANYBODY ELSE TO SEE AND USE.

I erred when I said "Send to Murano", I meant to say Sent Murano. You keep pointing it out to me as though it was something terrible when it was only a little mistake. You seem to enjoy embarrassing me (and others); that is so childish and immature. And you actually keep track of how many times you are right (80) and I am right (3)? That's sicko...   Move on buddy.

Lisa sent an email to the above website.  When I posted it Last Friday I called it a Website.

Your tirade about my intelligence, or lack thereof, is without merit. You owe me an apology.

Move on.


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