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not sure I can figure this out on my own...I'm STUMPED!

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Not sure at all, my 1st thought was a soot reamer, but it looks too clean for that. Look up percussion instruments or sound effects makers.

its realllly heavy...and the inside of each one of the galvanized fins is worn smooth...there are brass rivets/nails thru each fin and those are worn down and smooth on the inside so I'm not sure its an instrument. :)

also the bottom of the wooden part is super smooth so its had to have been in contact with something while its twirled...

Mutoscope part to hold the pictures

Good guess....

I was looking at flapwheels like for sanding, thinking of an instrument, and a "mutoscope" even though I did not know what it was called.  It seems like the latter are not usually mounted on metal, however.   This is a toughie.  You can see how it goes up the wooden handle and exposed the bottom part...I agree with Shayna..."What the heck?"

Yeaaahhh..it definitely would be held and used straight up and down...it does nothing when held horizontally as the whole wheel thing is not attached. .you can lift it off so it doesn't even turn if you hold it horizontally. Its quite heavy too
And what would be the point of the rivets? All those brass rivets buffed smooth on the concave side from contact with something abrasive. .and untouched on the convex side.

Any smell about it? Tobacco etc.. Can you identify the black stuff on the outer edges? heat it with a lighter and take a whiff.

No black stuff just rust :)

Might it have something to do with "Carding" wool for turning it into yarn?

I've never seen a contraption quite like this, but I know there are several steps involved, when working with sheep's wool. Might be worth a look-see anyways?

Good Luck, let us know if you figure it out!

Ill look into that :) I heard today it came from a farm in upstate ny


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