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I picked this up over the weekend, solely because I saw the Bloomingdale's name on it.

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I believe they wore more of a cloche hat...even though the sequins make you think Flappers.

I know sequin berets were big during the Disco Revolution in the 1970s.

Image result for chanel sequin beret cuba

Now, they are cropping up again, as well.

Some say the 1920s, other sites say the 1940s....

I'd guess 1950 - 1960's - it looks later to me. Those big sequins, I don't think were used in the art deco time period, but I could have it wrong. You could try and find info on When Bloomingdales was importing Italian made hats too, might help a bit?

It would help if you told us what the sequins are made of...not sure when plastic arrived in lady's hats,post WW II I think.  I think it's like Vicki says, 1960s, go-go girls, shaking and shimmying. Although it could be late Deco, early 1940s.

They look plastic to me, but then again, I wouldn't know what other material is used for making sequins.

In earlier centuries, they were made from shiny metals. Today, sequins are most often made from plastic. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. 

Then this is definitely something from the 20th century.


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