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Trying to get information on this desk my husband inherited. We were told it is an antique. Looks a little like a Davenport desk but has no drawers or hinged top. Wondering if it could be an old firescreen desk. It does have a wooden frame that slides up and down in the back. I have never seen anything like it.

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You say it does not have any drawers but there looks to be two at the front, if not drawers any idea what the knobs are for.

As for the wooden frame at the back, I wonder if it is some kind of technical drawing desk, or campaign desk.

I don't suppose the desktop folds down at all?

I actually know nothing about desks (Which you may just have realized) but thought I would give it a go.

Hope someone can provide better info.



Sorry. It does have the two shallow drawers beneath the writing surface, but what I meant is that it doesn't have the series of drawers on the side like a Davenport desk does. When my husband received the desk, we were told that it was an "accountant's desk." My searches on that term have not turned up anything similar.

It's a funny one-perhaps custom made for someone's purpose. Certainly it's a 'writing' desk, though.

Is it possible the frame could have held a chalk board? If so, I would believe it to be a "home school" desk.


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