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Hello Everyone,

Could anyone possibly tell me what this item is? I am lost on it and could use some assistance. All glass bead work. When all three pieces are stacked together it stands 8" tall. Not sure how old it is. Possibly just a decorative souvenir item? Any thoughts? Thank you kindly...

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My guess would be a ceremonial smudge pot possibly Navajo.  I am not an expert, I just play one on line..Good Luck

There are three pieces, do the other two fit into the cleansing ritual?  I am only asking you online.

I can't say.. I did own a fire starter pot that looked similar (minus all the impressive bead work) It contained saw dust material and a pestel, so possibly this is a fire started/transportation container. 

What's  an "expert"? All I do is research. For instance, smudging by Native Americans NA use abalone shells. Lists of tribes shows mostly Eastern USA and Canadian tribes, and Plains NA. No  list that I could find shows any SW USA tribes.

The Twirling Log design is used by the Hopi tribe, not the Navajo. While they're closely related it is possible that they could also use it.

So my guess is a skilled beader made some NA designs on his/her hand loom and sewed them onto different objects.

The round thing might be a bakelite bangle (bracelet); if so, could be worth $50-80. USD. The egg-shaped thing could be a wood darner worth a few bucks.

I am going to agree with you on that. I was leaning this way as the construction is a bit shabby for it to be Native American. 


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