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What is this Spoon? Unlike anything I've found. Unknown Silversmith trade mark.

So, I've come across this spoon like object and have searched quite a number of different avenues for tracking down information on this, and I haven't found anything similar yet. Figured I might ask some people that know more than I do, or that might have access to information I don't know where to find.

What I have here seems to be some form of antique silver measuring spoon, but in searching for something similar, I've come up with zilch. My mother had suggested that it might be a tobacco dip, that suppliers might use to check the consistency of shredded tobacco lead or snuff underneath the top batch. 

It's a small item, only measuring about 6.5" in length. It is made of silver. The french curves and accents on the column sections are hand etched. It's one piece of metal  that has been forged. The workings on it look to be early 20th century. My first guesses to it's country of origin where either North America or England.

On the back of the "spoon" there is a stamp for K.P.S., but none of the silversmithing trade markings available online show anything with KPS, so I assume it may have been a smaller or town manufacturer. In addition to the stamped in KPS, there is an engraving that has been hand tamped into the back, most likely signifying an owner's mark. that says, S.G. something illegible, and then 157 above 15.

That is all the information I have on it, I'm trying to find out any information about it's Origin, or what it's use was/is.

Thank you for your help.

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Indian Hindu Ghee Oil Temple Spoons

Oh, wow. That's it exactly. Perfect. Thank you for your help!


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